well. i'm really feeling  stress recently since FINAL EXAM is coming to attack me immediately after finish all bullshit assignment.

There is no time for me to rest!!

Luckily, there are only 3 subject to sit (if there is no resit paper, i have only TWO paper T.T)

There are days of time between the subjects, so, i would like to work at PC Fair on 16th April until 18th April!!

It's time for me to grab money! It's time for me to make payment too..

i still hutang my cousin rm300 as saman fee while need to ready rm300-500 for rental deposit..

just as Ellyn babe said :i move house again!

actually where i'm staying is quite a good environment and fulled facilities, but due to some personal reasons, i forced to move out from there. 

The time that i shuold move is nearer and nearer to me but i still haven't start to find a new room!! OMG~ God bless me, plz..

when i have my "new house",

Ms. Ellyn, sure i invite you to come as i promise you~^^

come back to my working PC Fair plan, i feel that i'm really lucky enough to success to work,

because i'm really last last last minute to confirm to work.

normally, all opportunities already full.. 

but really thanks for my friend, helping me to ask the chance until i get it.

it is 3rd time that i work for the company- SENSONIC!!

it's quite a funny and kind team,

all the "gor gor" treat us very nice,

that's why i strongly feel want to work besides financial reason^^

According to Ms. Tan Annlyn, working at PC Fair is also a useful way to KEEP FIT!!

we need to stand for at least 8 hours and walk here walk there and only eat max two meal per day,

so it's fast to low our weight! hahaXD 

quite a good news for me!!

i really need to keep fit since i already reach my max weight--46kg!

if my weight is keep increasing then i break my own record!!

i Don't Want It!!!!!


God Bless Me,

don't let me get any injured and sick as last time,

so that i can success to work three days and get rm300!!

after paying money back to my cousin and pay the rental deposit, 

then i can fulfill myself to buy my GUCCI perfume!!


Ganbatte neh!!!

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