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Tickets selling of Mr.J's The Era World Tour Concert LIVE in KL, Malaysia was available last Saturday (27/11/2O1O). To get the 1O% discount, Master Ho would like to buy it at Sogo and lined up early in the morning.

So, woke up at 6am to do some preparation. Believe me, it was 6am! Long time that I didn't wake up such early unless having 8am class. Forgive me, I need plenty of time to prepare myself. I need at least 1 and the half hours to bath, dress up, make-up, put lotion and sunblock, dry my fridge and check and make sure all my stuff already in my bag. ;p

The early sunshine .jpg

The Sun wakes me out, sweet ♥

Yvett Sim in the morning .jpg

Do some editing to make my swollen eyes and face look better :(

Heading to Sogo after fetching Darren, the only one who know the way to go Sogo. I waste  my 3 years to stay at KL because I didn't really travel around and look around and so a very little places that I only know here. I should go more places and intorduce to you, right? Would like to try my best for you. ;)

Sunrise or Sunset .jpg

Sunrise or Sunset?

First time to go Sogo and we reached at 7.45am. Damn early!! Not many people as I expected but still a long queue, around 3OO people I think. Having breakfast with Master Ho once the only shop opened. Their food tastes really bad, but we were really hungry then still ate lots there. We use to have breakfast. My mom would happy to hear it, she concerns about my breakfast a lot. She wants me at least drink Hot Milo instead of eating fully during the lunch. Please learn my good habit ya! ;p


9 A.M.


1O A.M.

12pm .jpg

11 P.M. Start to sell!

It's a long wait form 8am until 11am, so we did a lot of lame thing that we wouldn't not do usually. And found that PSP, handphone and camera are the best friends during spare time. They did entertain us a lot. Technology is the BEST!

The faker .jpg

PSP King ♥ H

PSP is your best friend ;).jpg

PSP Master ♥ D

you shoot me; I shoot you .jpg

You shoot me;

You shoot me, then I shoot you .jpg

then I shoot you ♥


Hey, Sir! Please don't pee everywhere!


This so called Japanese Ghost ;p

CheChak! .jpg


Date LingLing and her man one day before to hang around Times Square and having snowflake at Pavilion but it seem like can't rush to there on time so called them in 3G. This was the first time for me to have video call, show my 'sua gu'-ing again, it's really fun. Love to have video call recently, so make video call through MSN with Lingling quite often. We miss each other too much.

Jay Chou's Tour concert tickets started to sell at 11am!!! Lining up for almost 2 hours but the long queue never move forward then got to know that the cheapest zone for both day already SOLD OUT! It's only 2 hours taken! Both of me and Master Ho were so nervous and worried that can't get the tickets that we want. We need 11 tickets! Master Ho started to call his bro's girlfriend and finally we got the tickets online so we went back at the halfway. Actually we still can get the tickets at Sogo, but we needed a safe way for us, so just waste the 1O% discount and the free gifts.

fatter me .jpg 

While waiting my turn :(

Met up with Steven and LingLing afterward. Stucked at the road between Pavilion and Times Square for 1 hour. It's a super short distance but took our hour. Hate Traffic Jam to the MAX! The time was late once reached Times Square, and we rushed to have our lunch+dinner at BAR.B.Q PLAZA, the favourite of Funfun. ;p

LingLing. Bar.B.Q plaza.jpg

LingLing Bar.B.Q Plaza

Yvett. Bar.B.Q plaza.jpg

Yvett Bar.B.Q Plaza



Funfun's favourite

Did a short shopping and went to Low Yat for getting Modem for Lingling's house. It was 7pm++ after settle all the stuff and Master Ho already dated with his friends so have to rush back soon. Snowflake was flying away and I have to appologize to LingLing. I knew that she was very disappointed toward it. I promise, I would like to have Snowflake with you once you come back again to KL ya! I'm waiting for you, my beloved. 

Steven. Iphone 4.jpg

Steven, the beloved man of LingLing ♥

Korea Peach Drink.jpg

Me with Korea Peach Juice ♥ It doesn't taste good for me

Yvett and LingLing.jpg

Yvett ♥ Sannie

Thanks so much to Steven that willing to replace the tired Master Ho to drive back although you were super tired too. Do really appreciate it so much. I was tired also and slept in the car. ;p

Didn't get my camera at last as my plan, would like to look around and do more survey as what Mr.Steven suggested. Hope that I wouldn't regret after getting the thing that I want as usually.

My terrible look will bring you to the end. Be prepared and Don't get shock.



December, I love you





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Finally the pure girls gathering was here! Look back to the past, Master Ho or Steven will be one of the gang during the gathering, so there was never being all female gather for us. This was the first time and ya, the first time to sing-k of only three of us. Louise, Funfun and simsim. ;)

Funfunwas excited to be our driver of the day. She attempted to hide her dad the truth and drive alone to fetch both of Louise and me. Parking the car at Titiwangsa and took the train to Imbi was our final decision since I'm not sure the driving way to go there although I went through it for thousands times.

Redbox was the choice due to the time was exactly for us to meet LingLing later. This was the first time for Louise and me to be here. Not much surprise that I can get here but the dishes there is not bad and snack buffet is available. I just in love with the salad sauce!


Pasta for Funfun ♥

Satay sauce Friend Chicken Rice.jpg

Satey Sauce Fried Chicken Rice for me ♥

Vege Friend Chicken Wings.jpg

Vegetarian Fried Chicken Wings for Louise ♥

snack buffet .jpg

Snack Buffet : Fruits Snack and Yumyum salad! ♥

We sang, ate, and took photo for 3 hours, non-stop! Funfun was the winner of rap of the day, Yoyo! Rapper! Louise was the winner of Gourmet, keep eating the most ;p I was the loser of English songs! I'm suck in Eng songs, idk why. :(

And we found a corner to have a nice background for us to take pic and so we kept taking non-stop. But my babe SE hp camera is not good enough, can't catch a good pic under in night mode. So, aim to get a digital camera soon.

cute louise.jpg

I think she didn't sing-k for long time ;p

Greedy Funfun.jpg

I think she was really hungry ;p

The corner that we found:

Funfun, taken by simsim .jpg

Funfun ♥

Louise, credit by Simsim .jpg

Louise ♥

Credit by Funfun.jpg

Me, the only pink lady of the day ♥

Louise & Funfun .jpg

The black and white girls ♥

Louise & Simsim .jpg

Am I looks like transgender here? ><

Simsim & Louise.jpg

Finally get my normal look after thousands tries.  

Funfun's capturing skill should be improved huh ;p

Before going back to Setapak area to meet with our lovely Lingling, we went to toilet and photo session starts again! Many guys would wonder why most of the girls like to capture in the toilet, Does it the photo will come out nicer under the smelly situation? The photo captured in the toilet is nicer, but not due to the smell. The yellowish light it toilet makes us look prettier and the mirror in the toilet is big enough for us to self-capture the out-fit of the day.

Louise & Funfun & Simsim .jpg

Oops, the mirror spoil the pic ><


Likey it, without reason ♥

Smsim & Funfun & Louise .jpg

Moi, Funfun and Louise ♥

Louise & Funfun, toilet .jpg

My darlings: Louise & Funfun ♥

Yvett Sim .jpg

I'm Yvett Sim ♥ ;p

Met up with LingLing at Oldtown after that. Finally she got the chance to come back KL again. Uncle Tan and Aunty, let Lingling stays at KL more, we will take care of her and protect her all the time, so don't worry, okay? ;p We do miss her a lot and she miss us too!

Lingling .jpg

LingLing turns t be SHY when make-up free ;p

The pretty wife ;).jpg

Lovely Louise, We miss you so much! ♥

Funfun, OldTown.jpg

Cute Funfun, she was proud to fetch us safe. ♥

Somethings happened and made me EMO again. All the thing is fine now. I just need more caring and understand from you. Can you? You willing to do it for me, I know.



I feel your heart.










PS: I would like to get a camera for myself. Not DSLR but semi PRO is welcome. Any suggestion? Feel free to drop comment ;)



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Finally create my own signature successfully!

but it's sad that can't make it to shown at the bottom of every post,

have to make it manually.

but I'm so happy to have it,

my first own created bloggie signature.

Yvett Sim

Would like to use 'Yvett' as my new nickname ;)

Does it sound good enough?


Have a nice day to all ♥




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Accompanied FunFun to college to deal with her stuff. This was her very first time to drive alone and drive for a long distance from her place. It takes 3O mins to reach me here. Quite a long distance for a beginner. At least, I don't dare to do so. I even don't dare to drive only a 5 mins distance. Shame of me

Spending almost 2 hours to settle all the things. But it's not really being settled also.


She is being mature, ya?


When is my turn to have mature outlook?


Funfun's kitty laptop protector ♥

Chilled at Popeye after that. Nothing special but I did help Funfun to edit her bloggie. The time was too rush for me to do better. Wish that we get the chance next time so that I can edit to be better for you ya.

Reached home safety after Popeye.

Funfun kept asking me to tell Master Ho that she can drive well too since Master Ho mentioned that me and Funfun look more suit to take bus rather than driving and having our own cars.

Funfun, you did well as a beginner. Thumbs up for you!

thumb up.jpg

Especially to Funfun ♥

Actually, Lots of memories come out in my mind once I step into the college, Funfun did it too. We recalled the time during diploma, that was a good time for me.

the road.jpg

Our relationship was not that deep at the first year of diploma, we were just like classmatesrather than friends. I kept quiet all the time in the class unless chatting with funfun and lingling. I thought Funfun and Lingling would be the last best friends of me in my camous life.

Somethings happened so that five of us (Simsim, Funfun, LingLing, Louise and Annlyn) sticked all the time. We found our truly friendship at the second year, before that, I was afraid Louise and Annlyn because they like the HOT students in our course, I thought that they were not willing to friend with me.

Picnik collage 2.jpg

After getting closer, we sticked all the time besides classes

We chiat chat all the time at every where. We almost did every assignment in the same group, as requires, 5-6 people in a group ;p We even stayed over night together just to complete the assignment. Actually, we played more than work.

We chilled at Annlyn's hostel room after and before classes. I was afraid to be checked by the guard then Annlyn and Louise would be the elder sisters to calm me down and 'protect' me all the time. Honestly, having them made me feel calm and more brave in doing many things, especially presentation.

Picnik collage 1.jpg

Steven is the one that wait us to finish class, even how tired was him. He slept in the car and was being woke up by our noise, always. He complained that our voices ‘bouncing' here and there in the car. but we still keep noisy after keeping quiet for awhile, around 5 mins. ;p

Mcdonald is our choice to have meal after class. Louise mixed both tomato and chili sauces, Lingling loves to eat Chili sauce so much and tomato sauce is te only choice for Annlyn. Funfun dropped both McChicken and Sundae at the same day and made us LMAO for whole week.

Our relation seems like lasting forever as what we planned to fly oversea to UK at advanced diploma.

Picnik collage.jpg

Dream is always the most beautiful and perfect. Our dream is still a dream. Fate can't fulfill our common dream, we were being seperated. I blamed and I felt disappointed without reason. I can't accept parting, especially with the people that I love. They are not belong to my friends yet sisters for me. Can you accept your sisters leave you one by one? By the way, I accepted it after thinking wisely. We're still BY5 (the name especially for us by Annlyn) and we're still sisters no matter where we are.

Till now, I still cry when missing them.

Picnik collage 3.jpg

I hope we still can stick together everyday like before. But, we can't. Annlyn and LingLing go back to their hometown. We even hard to meet and chat online at the same time. 

However, I know we miss each other all the time and we care each other as before. Our relationship never been changed till now. I hope it can be forever.

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yvett sim .jpg

Oops, hope that my just-wake-up-photo won't scare you. My dark circles come out like hell and make me look older. I aim to be mature; but not old, ok!

It's a long time since last post again. I'm so sorry. My recent days are just so bored, no, is too bored. That's why I have no more point to blog about. It sounds sad :(

Since Master Ho starts to work, I stay at home all the time, as normally called 宅女. Not only one who say that but more and more people around me call me that. It's no wrong to be 宅女, right? At least not much financial spending will do. It sounds like an excuse ;p

What I do during at home?



-Online and, Online.

FaceBook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, Youtube, and blogging.. non-stop. Click them and spot me =)

I even sitting in front of my lappie without purpose. Searching web by web with nothing.

The only out-going entertainment is CyberCafe.


Left4Dead2 in the house

'Am a terrible killer, in computer world. In fact, I'm a coward. That's why I love internet world so much, we would build our own charateristics and even our dream world. I'm a dreamer, think about unrealistic dream.

I love to stay home rather than going out, unless familiar people are being with me. Strange makes me uncomfortable and uneasy. The people who not really know me will tought that I'm proud, arrogant and even so called LC. I do mind it actually, I do mind what people' view on me, just because I care it too much, I pretend myself to be not care. Scared people looking at me so I prefer staying home, even alone.

Favourite Biscuit.jpg

Communication is not my strength, it's a problem of myself since I was small. When facing friends and family, I would be as cheerful as I can; When facing strangers, I could keep quiet as long as I can. Extremely different characters that I have. I won't be the first to say "Hi" at Whenever, Wherever and Whatever situation with Whoever. You're just LC! Honestly, I'm not. I admit as a coward, but definitely, not a LC people. I tried to be active side, but failed.


I'm not independent and might not survived during single. Single here means when I'm alone. Growing up under fully protection and caring of family, bf and friends cause me don't ever try to be alone. I rely others more, so I'm not typical Capricorn. Dependant, low perseverance, no life plan and irrational are my style, not Capricorn. I might cry if you throw me on a strange road. again, I'm coward.

Being vagrant for almost 2 months, useless might be the tag for myself and I admit it. Affraid stop me from steping out. I never work before unless those PC Fair. The world is realistic but my mind is simple till STUPID. I affraid the world outside. I want protection from Daddy, caring from Mummy, sharing from Lil Sis, stand-by from Master Ho.

open-close eyes.jpg

ok, Wake Up!

You're not a child anymore.

You're not a student anymore.

So, you have to be a worker/office lady/PR.


Friends, any work suggested to me that you think that it suits me?

















PS: Do drop me comment at comments and chatbox to give opinion about my bloggie. I need it to make improvement!! Your viewing and comments are appreciated. Have a nice day all! ;)

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pimple me.jpg

It was a movie day as what we planned. Finally came to "Unstoppable", high recommended on web.  

Overslept and luckily could watch it at 5pm, and, couple seat again. More and more people would like to watch movie at Wangsa Walk Mall huh?  


Once I reach the cinema, I was attracted by high budgeted Harry Potter commercials.Can you imagine the posters is hanging around whole cinema?

HP7 ads.jpg

Sorry for the blurred photo =p

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows a.k.a HP7 (Part 1) is coming soon on 17th November. Many people are looking forward for it, including Master Ho. I'm not the fans (I only love Step Up ♥) but I'll be forced to be it and watch it on the day. The problem is I never watch the previous part so how can I understand the seventh episode?  sweat

Michael Jackson.jpg

MJ is one of the cast in HP7?

One interesting thing happened when we saw this poster among the all. Me and Master Ho think that she looks like MJ in the poster. As a non-HP-fans, I was surprising when I saw it because I thought that MJ took part in HP before leaving us. 'Am stupid, I know.

The time was too early before movie started, switched to find entertainment. Family and the kids were around. And found out another interesting things.



catching fish.jpg

The uncle catching the fish @.@

little shooter.jpg

The little shooter! cute ♥

One token costs RMO.5O but most of the machines require two tokens and above. Means that you have to spend at least RM1 to play once which not more than 5 mins. Commercial owners are terrible. Eating consumers money badly.

Okay, back to the topic.



A 20th Century Fox drama about a runaway train carrying a cargo of toxic chemicals. Pits an engineer and his conductor in a race against time. They're chasing the runaway train in a separate locomotive and need to bring it under control before it derails on a curve and causes a toxic spill that will decimate a town.

Due to it's high recommended, I holded high expectation toward it too. The result is out of my expectation, as usual. It might be too bored at the front part, luckily, the climax made me sweating all the time. and It could touched me at the last part. Clap clap for the Heroes and salute to those who've been sacrified. What can you mainly get from the movie are:

♥ You might understand that experience might be more useful than the highly training.

♥ You would see how's the train traveling the opposite direction to chase the runaway train.

♥ You could feel the true love between husband and wife and between father and the daughters.  

♥ You must hear your heart beat when all are trying to stop the unmanned train.


The Heores


Running along on the train

Unstoppable-Movie (8).jpg

Trying to hook the train compartments



How's they in the end? Death or Alive?


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Went for movie last Saturday when Master Ho was free from work. No more student price and no more Wednesday Movie Day, so, have to pay normal price that we never pay for a long time. Took part a competition by Nuffnag, but it seems like my creativity is suck to win a Premium class movie of Skyline. so, have to pay to watch it. Waiting it for so long!

Silly face.jpg

My eyes couldn't open under the sun, but I still love the sunshine!♥



Wangsa Walk Mall is always the best choice for us so that we no need to reach far like Times Square just to watch movie. We're lazzzzzy``


It's time to cut my messy hair

Reached there at 3.1Opm after the lunch but the movie would be started at 3.2Opm and we had not get the ticket, yet. Found that we liked to rush the time. And finally getting a couple seat. Cost us RM3O in total. sweat


PopCorn, one of my favourite ♥

Didn't get Popcorn because I was so full after the lunch, said bye bye to it before movie. ;'(

Forgot to bring any jacket and scarf, so we chilled along the movie. Found myself easy to forget recently, even it's important. Imma getting Alzheimer's Disease soon?  Maybe facing computer for extremely long time. This will make people memory loss. Dangerous! Gekkkk~

So, how's the movie?

Disappoiting till the max!!!


Did a simple plot outline about "Skyline":

In the sci-fi thriller Skyline, strange lights descend on the city of Los Angeles, drawing people outside like moths to a flame where an extraterrestrial force threatens to swallow the entire human population off the face of the Earth.

It has a nice story concept which can stimulate the people' funk, especially we're just waiting to face the coming of 2O12. Watched the trailer for few times and it excited me a lot. I love crime and horror movie the most. Would like to see how the intelligent human beings against the attacks of weirdo. However, It is really disappinting me a lot. It's sloppy and no climax to irritate the audience. I almost feel asleep!

When the night comes peacefully, it's beautiful..


The Lights descend to the city, just around you...


Look up! The lights have the pulling force to swallow the people around you, they might be your family, your friends, and even yourself...


Are you ready to go into the flame?


or you'd ready to fight with the immortal weirdo?

Skyline 2 Movie.jpg

How will you be in the end....?

Just buy a ticket and watch it by yourself! =p




-Happy Movie Day to you-

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Working for PC EXPO last weekend. For me, PC EXPO is just smaller type of PC Fair.

Well, I spent many 'first time' to my whole-hearted Sensonic.

The first time to work, the first time to shout loudly in front of the public,

The first experience to work together with a big gang of friends,

The first time to have interested in PC accessories,

The first time to feel that I can present well too,

The first time to celebrate friend's birthday at PC Fair,

The first time to feel satisfied in my work *although it's only part-time-job*,

The first time to work at MidValley, and,

The first time to reach MidValley by public transport.

Come back to the topic,

This was the first time for me to work in very small group, me and LingLing. Honestly, it made me sad. It made me miss my last gang a lot, especially Annlyn and FunFun. *tears dropped*

Moi & Lingling.jpg 

Moi & LingLing ♥

Still, luckily to have LingLing to accompany and the four cute and clever 'kids' to be with me along the way to MidValley.KTM made us to wake up at 7.3Oam so that we could reach there before 1O.3Oam. Hope that there are higher frequency of KTM as LRT.

before start.jpg

Before Starting ♥

I was getting another job scope during PC EXPO so temporary being seperated with LingLing and the others *sob* and I was standing near the main entrance alone. *sob sob*


My face getting rounder, I know

Went back earlier than PC Fair, maybe not much chit-chat at there without my big gang *tear drop again* Me and LingLing didn't have lunch during working so Master Ho brought us to lunch a.k.a dinner a.k.a supper at Wangsa Maju area. Thank you so much, Master Ho. Appreciate it. Learn to apprecuate recently ^^


supper time! ♥

I was really lonely and tired during working. My job scope was standing at the concept booth and explain some Hot Sales products to the consumers. Honestly, there were not much consumers would come to you and listen to it. They even asked you where the way out! *faint* I was willing to present and sell the products rather than keep quiet for whole day. Boring!

However, many people 'visited' me while my lonely time. Especially thanks to LingLing, she accompanied me and replaced me once she was free. Some more I kept texting her to ask her this and that. Apologize on it, too.

Chicken Little a.k.a Ah Han a.k.a Yan Han Original, Ah Chong gorgor, Hody, Jason Gege, Mr.Stanley and Likah are in my thank-you-so-much list. Thank You!!! Appreciate it. Oh Yeah, the ThunderMatch mascot--Tiger was one of my guest also.

ThunderMatch Tiger & Moi.jpg

Moi & T-Tiger ♥

ThunderMatch Tiger & LingLing.jpg

T-Tiger & LingLing

Went back to the booth at last day to hit the sales. It's great that LingLing led the team to hit over the target! *clap clap*

Appreciate the working hard of the team. Let's introduce our Hero(s)!

*I didn't take much photo with the gang, so grab them from LingLing and Kantha' FB =p*


LingLing, The cuttie-st one ♥

Farhan and Kantha.jpg

Farhan & Kantha ♥

kakak and lingling.jpg

Kakak Cantik & LingLing ♥

Kantha and kakak Rubena.jpg

Kantha & Kakak Rubena ♥

Rahizuan and Kantha.jpg

Rahizuan & Kantha ♥


MCL vs ThunderMatch ♥

The mouse team.jpg

The Expert Mouse Team ♥

The GPS team and Kantha.jpg

The Profesional GPS team ♥

There are the photo with Ah Han, Ah Chong Gorgor and Hody by Ah Han's baby Canon 55OD pix, waiting him to upload then upload again to here.

So, what we did at the end? Photo Session again!!!

Sensonic is the best!.jpg

Farhan, you're so enjoy huh! ♥

say Cheese~.jpg

All of us ♥ two sweeties in the middle

Do you realise? We're 1 M

Many realistic people might ask me "they didn't hire you with a high salary, why you willing to work for them for so many times?"
I smiled, didn't answer. I had lots of memories here, and it can't be
denied that I'm happy to
work with them, the MCL and ThunderMatch full-timer who care us a lot.
Those memories can't be measured by money matter. It's a stupid thought
for you, but sensibility can influence me to do the right decision.
This is the way I am. so, please stop to asking me the same question!



Imma Exhausted




Imma Tired


Last Day .jpg


but Imma Happy






























The 6th Sensonic' pass collected

wish that it wouldn't be the LAST

-The End-

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love .jpg 






































*Thx to Ellyn babe*

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  • Nov 10 Wed 2010 14:22


My Master Ho gets a new job at our area already! 

So, I accompanied him to go Pavilion for getting formal shirt, and It's time for me to get Chatime finally!

Heard about Chatime for long time ago but still can't get a chance to taste it, okay, I'm really out-dated..><

FunFun was the one to follow to Pavilion too, she absented at the end due to headache. *Darling, you must take care yourself more ya*



We started to go around 2.3Opm, the road situation was satisfied, never block our way out. The driver always hates traffic jam to the Max and so the passenger-- me. =]

Straigh away to find the formal stuff once we reached. And finally getting 3 formal shirts and 2 suit trousers with less than RM35O at PaDinI! I always feel that Master Ho suits formal so much, He looks great with formal! *Love*

Oops, so sorry that no photo is available because I forget to shoot his formal look at fitting room.

Went to get a GreenTea-Redbean-Chocolate ice-cream-Shimino のクレープ(crepes) while waiting for trimming the trousers. Okay, I was regret to spend RM7.9O for one. It tastes bad for me! but still willing to try the other favor like strawberry and mango. They have higher ranking from blogger.


Shimino 原宿のクレープ


Met Sze Chee and her gang at Snokflake when going back to PDI to take the stuff. They went for Uniqlo as the first day opening. There was crowded and many still line up outside so I didn't go for it. I hate crowded. Some more I viewed the pix, most of the stuff are not my style. I'll seem like typical village girl once I wear their stuff. But I'm quite interested in their leggings, looks nice and creative. Maybe going to get one next few week. And mummy asked me to help her purchase one too, My mummy Legging too.

Before going back home, finally Master Ho brought me to get Chatime! Happy to the Max!!!


Pearl_Milk_Tea ♥

Chatime in the car .jpg

Oh Yeah~ .jpg

YumYum on the way to back home ♥

Drive and Drink .jpg

YumYum when driving ♥

FunFun and LingLing, spot his 'fake' double eye lid?

We met terrible traffic jam when going back. The driver's mood dropped but I was still happy with me Perl Milk Tea.

Traffic Jam Jam Jam! .jpg

Usual face that a driver shown during traffic jam, called died-fish-face


usual thing that a passenger do during traffic jam, especially the female passenger, pika!

Getting a message from my lovely Louise on the way to ask me have a meet at night. I was so excited for it since there was thousand years we never meet. Before it, switched to Pasar Malam to buy fake eyes lashes for working purpose. Girls need fake eyes lashes so much!

and finally meet Louise and her hubby at McD, the most convenient place with air-corn. She brought us some souvenirs from her travelling at Fujian, China. Sweet


Souvenirs from Louise ♥

jelly QQ.jpg

This is Jelly, cute right? Orange and Apple favorite

fruit jelly.jpg

Fruit Jelly. Orange and Strawberry favor


another Jelly Cup, the design is cute and unique ♥

cripsy cookies.jpg

Cripsy Cookies ♥

peanut cookies 2.jpg

Peanut Cookies ♥

peanut cookies.jpg

Another Peanut Cookies ♥


Do you know what are these? Love it so much, tQ Louise

tea leaf.jpg

Tea Leaf, Master Ho's favourite ♥


The special gift from Louise to EeLing a.k.a LingLing a.k.a 1O!

Jelly Q.jpg

The juicy QQ Jelly ♥

We found that the QQ Jelly is damn cute and the way to eat it is damn funny. You must squeeze it very softly so that it wouldn't drop out in long narrow piece as what Funfun did.


spokeperson 1.jpg

Spokeperson 1-Funfun Sham


Take 1..Action!

  • Cute
  • Nice pose
  • Nice smile


failed spokeperson.jpg

CuteSpokeperson 2

silly face.jpg

Take 2...Action!

  •  ugly face without make up
  • silly pose with flat face features


cute spokeperson.jpg

Spokeperson 3


Take 3...Action!

  • Cute
  • Cute Smile
  • Cute Pose


Congratulation to Ms.LingLing to be the spokeperson of QQ Jelly!

Went home at 12am++ because Hock Sin GorGor(Louise's hubby) had to work next day.. and Louise be the driver to fetch all back! Why? Hock Sin GorGor forgot to bring his wallet and so his IC and licenses!

The gather was really short, but so happy to meet Louise again. Wish our next gather will come soon, and hope that Annlyn can join us.

*Louise really looks alike with his sis with her new hair style, cute!* Love you!





-=Next: Working at PC EXPO=-



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As what I mentioned last post, I moved house for three times within two year in my KL campus life. My stuff is only the clothes, so moving house is an easy job for me actually. Last Wednesday, I moved again. Same house; but different room. Yea, from the super small room to the medium room. The recent room is the biggest one that I stayed ever. Quite excited and I much!

We moved after seperate with FunFun. Can you imagine how tired we were? But we have no more time to move after this, I have to work for part-time during weekend and Master Ho starts to work on Monday.

So, we still move on even we were exhausted.

We spent 2 hours to clean the room. Exaggerating? No! It's true. Due to the  smell be left by the Ex-Master of the room, we need to spend more time to clean the room until 99% clear. I can't survive with his super unique smell, It kills me a lot. After cleaning, we started to move our stuff. When the moment to move Master Ho's wardrobe, he just willing to pack his old fashion clothes. His super old fashion clothes occupied half space of the wardraobe! There was no more space for me to hang my clothes. sweat*

new room .jpg

New Room ♥

Can you see the space available in the room? I never have those space before! It can fit one more mattress! So, Funfun, LingLing and Irynn, waiting for you to stay overnight with me again ya! Master Ho already measure the space and it's enough to put a Mahjong table and play there. So, anyone who love Mahjong and free at weekend, you're very welcome. =]


But the only thing that I dislike is a small part of the decayed wall. It makes me feel that It's dirty and don't dare to close with. Plan to buy the wall paper to stick on it. Who knows where can I buy the cure wall paper?

Hello Kitty picture is the best.

the wall .jpg

Decayed wall :'(

Anyway, I feel fresh and good when get into new room. Won't be too hot here. However, the unique smell by Ex-Housemate is still here. Spraying few times of AmbiPur and Perfume is still no work. Hate* Heading to LovelyLace to get lots of sachets soon.

Lao Tan.jpg

Master Ho said Lao Tan is excited in new room ♥

the sight .jpg

The first sight once I wake up from dream ♥





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Come back here again after working at PC EXPO for three days. Apologize for the post delayed.


Went to saloon on last Wednesday, I was not the one who cut hair but is my little FunFun. She would like to cut a totally fresh and new hair style since she maintained the same hair style for almost two years.

At first, she wanted to cut at Wangsa Maju(my living area) after having lunch together but Master Ho had to go job-interview at Genting Klang(my ex-living area, Yea, I moved house for three times within two years) so we decided to have our meal and cutting hair at GentingKlang.

Before heading to GK, Master Ho asked FunFun to drive. I was like 'Huh?! Sure?'

Okay, Wish that we could reach there safely. *praying*

funfun driving.jpg  

She was so concentrate ♥

I sat at the back, honestly, I was a bit worried because it's not easy to make a U-turn at GK since there are a lot of high speed car. Their right legs like uncontrolable to step the accelerator to the Max.

To all the lovely drivers, please stop to speed up you car, it's super dangerous. It harms your life to the high danger and also the others. Think about your family and yourself when driving.

And the most important, all the passengers have to seat your safety belt even it's only a short distance. We never expect when the accident comes to us.


Am' a responsible passenger ♥ How about you?


Outfit of the Day *Casual*

Reach GK safely and FunFun succeed to parking as her first time to do parking, clap clap for her! I even don't dare to park till now. Master Ho taught and trained me but I'm stupid in driving. I'm failed. :'(



Today's Rider ♥

After the meal, Master Ho interviewed and FunFun cut her hair. PSP is my best friend at the time! Get a new game-- Bleach by Master Ho and I was addicted in it!  

Going to CC after that as what Master Ho wished. Dota is the guy's choice, how about girls?


L4D2!!!! ♥

The time came to late and it's time to back home. It's a simple day although we only hanging around at our area, but I was happy, too. It's a long time since last meet with FunFun. But it's a bit sad that LingLing, Annlyn and Louise were not around. All of us are no longer study anymore and most already go back to their hometown to start a new life. So, it's really hard to make five of us gather together again. 

Moi and fun .jpg

So, I catched up every time to take photo once meet with my babes. Still, I know our hearts still link between each other, we never been broken. Just like with Secondary School babes, my love for them never been less, although it's really a long time that we lost contact.

It's fate, I feel glad to know 3 Secondary School babes and 4 Campus Darlings. I never feel lonely when you're being with me.  

I love you.


Lastly, it's a MUST to show you the short hair Funfun!! Cute right?

in short hair .jpg







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There is not much special thing happens to me and no more out-going recently, so this will be a short post to share you about my recent life. hope you don't mind ya!


When the Western Meet the Chinese .jpg

When the Western meet the Chinese ♥


Always sitting at home recently with Master Ho, simple but sweet


Love to stay home ♥

Without make-up for long time, my skin is recovering to be better now. (it was under damn terrible situation) But the eyes bags still make me plain.



Favourite Filet-♥-Fish

and my weight is getting higher, too :'(

It's time for me to DIET!!!!

Thanks for Ms.LingLing to send me a fb link about the Golden Period during our girls' "Blood Donation Period".

You can +up+up your breast, keep fit and make body check more easily than normal days. The effect will be double up.

So, I would like to try it.

Since I want to +up+up my 'flat' as what I wish from long time ago,and, I want to keep fit when I found that a lot of unwanted fats are surrounding me!!

To catch the golden time when it's only available once per month, I bought a big bottle of Pure Yogurt which actually taste bad without any other fruit or vegetable ingredient.

Waiting for my 'first day' to come, I bought the papaya and cut it into pieces and add on the Yogurt.

Tadaa~~ my DIY Papaya Yogurt *yumyum*


DIY Papaya Yogurt .jpg

I know, It looks terrible and something like vomit-out-things, but actually It tastes not bad! Anyway, the effect is the main point for me. Wish me success!!! wahaha XD



Going to work for Sensonic again this weekend during PC Expo. Come and support me ya! ^.<

Event: PC EXPO 2O1O

Date: 5th-7th Nov

Venue: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, KL

This is the Malaysia Newest Consumer ICT and Digital Lifesytle Exhibition. You may see the Latest Technologies, Grab Exclusive Offers & Enjoy lots of Exciting Activities. Actually It's just almost the same as Pikom PC Fair. So, Just come and grab the quality ICT equipments with the best price!

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