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31st Dec 2O1O


Happy New Year all! The time flies fast and comes to Year 2O11 and turn me to 21st year old very soon. Looking back to the Year 2O1O, many things that I can't really make it true. So, would like to give myself Year 2O11 Wish-List to guide myself to move forward.

♥ Wish-List of Year 2O11 ♥

-Upgrade MYSELF!
-Save a long hair
-Own a Gucci Bag
-Save at least 1Ok
-No more flat nose
-Improve my English
-Improve driving skill
-To be Japanese Style
-Knowing more babes
-Improve make-up skill
-Bloggie Hits reaches 2Ok
-Treat parents travel over-sea
-Get the job that I really love with
-Having photo shooting experience
-Learn the strange language: Japanese
-Trip to Thailand/Taiwan/Japan/Europe countries

Last: Get a lot of Hello Kitty Stuff! eg: Soft Toys, Bed Sheets, Accessories, Shirts, etc.

  Didn't do countdown nor celebration this year, as usual, staying at home to blogging and FB-ing. Not much people are online, think that most are at town to get ready for countdown.

Luckily, dating with Ms.LingLing at the day so that the last day of the year wouldn't be too boring.


Still pretty HER ♥

Planned to watch movie but the plan was cancelled due to the limited tickets were available. Then... Bar.B.Q Plaza Time again! Yes, again! It was the third time for me here in December. Ordered Family Pork Set for three of us, Beef is not allowed to me. :]


Family Pork Set ♥


Steam Rice vs Garlic Rice

Which one do you prefer?

Why do we love Bar.B.Q so much? Let the pixies do talk to you :)


Lick Lick Chopstick ♥


Drinking soup non-stop ♥ yumyum''


The man grills by himself ♥ He can't wait!


Prawn by HIM ♥

Lastly, and also the most important is :


You might meet the handsome Daddy and children!♥

Shopped for awhile and get one blouse for myself as new clothes for Chinese New Year? Hope that I can control myself from wearing it before CNY.


It's Puple in color actually, but idk turn to be grey in pix

Camwhore everywhere while shopping. Love my little purple camie so much, it didn't disappointed me. Little P, I love you so much!











Finally, the last post comes to the end, would like to wish say Happy New Year again!

Wish all of you good luck in the new year!


Be Happy =)





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snow white witch.jpg

Say Hi to the witch!

Witch, a terrible woman for me. I met two witches before, for sure, not in the real world but in the animation world. I think, they are the most famous witches for people.

Met the first one when I was small, around 5,6 years old. The witch in 'Snow White', who always holding a basket of apples. She is ulgy, crafty and annoying. She would like to trick Snow White Princess to eat the poisonous apple so that she will be the prettiest woman if the princess dying. However, she would be the most ugly woman in the world since she has the ugly heart. *Shameful*


Crafty Witch

Met the second witch few years ago, in a shooting game, Left4Dead. Do you remember the crazy woman who infected with a torn-at-the-stomach shirt along with white underwear, with long, sharp claws for fingers. The Witch makes loud and eerie noises in the game. She is not crafty yet fierce enough. Heard the story behind her, she was raped before dying to be Zombie. She is fulled of hates and complaint.


Fierce Witch

Summarize all, I scare WITCH!

Either the tricky or the crazy one, I scare them so much due to their ugly heart. They aim to hurt/harm people based on their desires. They might have the pretty good appearance, however, they have the ugly heart so they slowly form the disgusting outlook at last. Witches lose their minds by the covering of their desires. They don't really know what they're doing, but only what they want. So, I would like to describe some bad heart women with WITCH. :)

Want me to get closed or even friend with Witch? No way! I scare them, I scare their disgusting outlook, I scare their tricks, I scare their complaints, I scare their bad hearts. so, please beware of the Witch.


Witch says Hug Hug to you!♥

Want to get rid of the witch?

You must take the adventure with the team of 'Season of The Witch'. The coming supernatural thriller starred by Nicolas Cage. It will be in cinema on 6 January. Faster get yourself a ticket on that day, don't miss it!

Season of the witch


Don't wait, just pass the witch season with the real Hero! You might find the way to avoid of the witch, you would not know, when will she knock your door.







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It's month that we (Mr.Ho & I) didn't go for movie, so decide to have a movie today. Since Cinema is available at Wangsa Walk Mall, we don't need to take a far distance to town, a very convienient way for those who are lazy, like us.

Heading to movie after the brunch. Bringing my new Hello Kitty bottle along, as Christmas present from him? So hate that pink x white x black colors are not available to choose, don't really like the blue. As long as Hello Kitty printed is here, so I don't really mind now!


Drinking too much water the night before :'(

Spend a long time to find a parking so that we couldn't get the early ticket, have to wait two more hours. OMG

Pass the time at Rotiboy with two breads and free WiFi.


Garlic Cheese Bread x Original Rotiboy


Lemon Tea ♥



Shy Baby Boy?

Found something before entering for movie:



Can't recognize that it's a local production with first sight from a distance. Twin-Tower is there!

Another local movie is here, GREAT DAY the new year movie from ASTRO and MyFM hosts and DJ. Don't really know the story line but I just mind the date of the movie out. :P


Great Day

Finally, Narnia is here!


The Chronicles Of Narnia - Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

Brief synopsis of the film:

Lucy and Edmund Pevensie return to Narnia with their cousin Eustace where they meet up with Prince Caspian for a trip across the sea aboard the royal ship The Dawn Treader. Along the way they encounter dragons, dwarves, merfolk, and a band of lost warriors before reaching the edge of the world.

I'm not a fan of Narnia and I even never watch the previous chapters, but honestly, it motivates me to grab the previous chapters! There is no bored part in whole story and the ending is quite touching, for me. As usual, I'm deeply attracted by the Prince - Prince Caspian! He is absolutely handsome!


Okay, is time for me to find out the previous chapters of Narnia, so... Good night readers!




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Would like to make a short post before the Grandma birthday celebration post. Hope you do enjoy in it ya! :)

It was a simple outing day with some of the Sensonic gang last week. The venue was Times Square as usual. Wonder why we always meet up at either Times Square or Pavilion? Should be date at some where else to make the dating more interesting. Something different this time which new babe was there too. Guess who?


ShookYee babe ♥

Shookyee was the show girl of Sensonic during PIKOM Digital Lifestyle Expo, she is so cute and friendly. Too bad that the other babe girl couldn't join us. Yomiko, must join us next time ya!

As usual, Funfun drove me to Titiwangsa to take train to the location. Having Sing-k Session before the late lunch. The guys are good students so absented the sing-k session but attended the class. Left only me, funfun and shookyee to go Neway. As what I expected, Shookyee has the sweet and soft voice, feeling good to listen her singing.

Went to Bar.B.Q plaza as request from Milo Card and funfun. The girls were already full after the lunch set in Neway; but, the guys seem like too hungry.


Family Set No.1


Family Set No.2

Both sets belong to the guy. They were hungry, no lie.


Milo Card




Panda Bobby


Funfun ♥

Chit chat awhile after the meal, some of us are not really closed since there was the first time we worked together, however, we still can gossip like closed friends. Found myself knowing more and more new friends and new people recently, this is good and useful for me, for my future job, maybe.


Dream of some one? ♥


Shookyee:"Can I eat some?"

Milo Card:"No way!"


Guess who?


Funfun and Simsim ♥


Girls Take 1 ♥


Girls Take 2


Guys ♥

Went home after this and Funfun fetched the guys to back home. The first time of her to fetch more than 2 people. Did she feel nervous? No idea. But she did well. Thumbs up to her driving skill, she does better and better!

Lastly, would like to share you some terrible picture.  

Be ready, it might harms your eyes and get heart attack


Normal ♥


Before vs After!

Can you see the different between make up and make up free?

Want to have bigger eyes? Want to have double eye lid?  

It's not a problem!

No ugly woman, but only the lazy woman.

So, girls and women, just fill your make up boxes and give yourselves a chance to be pretteir and more attractive!





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Hello people, I'm back from my home town finally. Having great time at home town with family. Birthday celebration for Grandma and 'Gupo' was too warmth and sweet. Getting the birthday surprise from family too. Too bad that I forgot to bring my purple camie back so have to wait the photo uploaded by cousins. So, please be patient and let me share you the happiness and warmth ya!

my birthday cake.jpg

My 21st Birthday Cake ♥




-Stay Tuned-






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Master Ho found out JJ Lin's new album 'She Says' and start to listen it quite often recently then I'm affected. It is a single album, only one new song which named "She Says" being created together with re-interpretation of 1O songs of female singers. Honestly, he can sing very well with his unique voice and put his feeling in it. I get touched of it.

While enjoying in his voice, I found a good news accidentally!  

Limited edition JJ Lin notebook is now available!


Front Page ♥


Inner Page ♥

It's a very easy way to get it. You just need to purchase 2 packs of Super 3-in-1 Regular Coffee then you can bring the notebook back to note down all your inspiration and idea as JJ!



Regular Package ♥

Don't get wrong! Is Super Regular 3-IN-1 Coffee, red color package of it. So, what do you wait for? Faster grab it at any hypermarket or supermarket while stocks last!

*JJ Lin's new creation - "She Says" is available at my music track *




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Finally LingLing came back to KL again, for temporary. She has to find many excuses to come back from Melaka to meet her Mr.Steven and us. Poor her. It's a hard chance to hang out with her so we decided to call Funfun and Lousie as well. and so, would like to celerate Funfun and Lousie birthday early, as LingLing suggested. So sorry to Funfun and Louise because we might not around on your birthday.

Would like to went the location - Pavilion early so that getting cake and their present. However, we were late to there and only could get the cake for them.


Waiting HER and her MAN ♥




her MAN, with his new toy ♥

Decided to have lunch at Sakae Sushi, put the cake there and waiting for the birthday girls to come. Camwhoring while waiting them.


LingLing's Hat ♥


Just feel like in a K-Box ♥


Hate my forehead wrinkles :'(



Lightning hand!

Tried to pin my fringe up and tried the new make-up. Dislike the result. Pin-up-fringe shown my forehead wrinkles, it's naturally and I borned to have these, maybe. Any idea to help me solve it? And my double eyelid sticker was finished so I didn't use it on the day. That's why my eyes looked very super duper small!

Ordered Ramen as brunch. I love Ramen rather than Sushi actually. Don't really like Ramen favor of mine, prefer Master Ho' more. So, put my Ramen in his soup at last.


Him ♥


Mine ♥

Birthday Girls were here finally!


Black Dressed-Up them ♥


27th Dec borned baby girl ♥


Christmas Eve borned baby girl ♥


Birthday Girl with her MAN ♥

Aim to make them angry because we delayed their time to shopping but forced them to have luch with us, however, they didn't, they even ordered lots. Disappointed

Had fun with Mr.Steven's new toys after brunch.


Crazy with Iphone 4 ♥


Crazy with SONY NEX-3 ♥

Celebration started after that. Disappointed again to the service and understanding of the staff. They serve the cake with boxing and plastic bag. WTF. We stunned there and felt awkward till the max. No more surprise. As what I said, I always failed to give people surprised. Want to give your friends or family a surprise? Please do a well communication with the staff, sometimes they can't really understand your meaning.


Sorry for the ugly Chocolate Coffee Cake


Pretty Birthday Girls, with the ugly cake :P

Birthday Girls got the birthday wish video from Ms.Annlyn who work at Singapore. Althought the video is short, I think both of them can receive her wish deeply. Annlyn, we miss you.


Watching video-ing ♥


The girls. Really hate my make-up


Oops, what makes me shocked? No idea.

Snowflake after it, finally. Dessert that me and LingLing looked forward for a long time. Long queue and crowded there. Hard to get a seat, but birthdays girls were excepted.


Snowflake in the house ♥


Can spot Louise?


Celebrity? Ambassador? Representatives?


Queue Up! Queue Up!


Taken by Hock Sin, nice shoot! ♥


What they were interested in? No idea.


Waiting the UFO to beep ♥


UFO is beeping! Snowflake is coming! ♥

Met long-time-no-see Sarah with her Boyfie. Chit-chat and gossip with her for awhile, and her boyfie is so shy, waiting her at aside. Don't dare to come to us, are we too terrible? :P


Sarah:" XXX get married.."

Louise:" Huh?! Is it real?!"

This is so called Gossip Girl ♥


Sarah ♥ Funfun


Girls and the passed by men ==‘’

After photo session, it's Snowflake Time! Tried Christmas product - Coco Liko(Left) and Snowflake Bestseller(Right).


YumYum ♥


Outfit of the day, toilet @ Pavilion ♥


Yvett ♥ Funfun

Christmas is around the corner, Christmas themed decoration at Pavilion attracted us a lot. And it was a Sunday, a family day, so there was so crowded.


Pavilion Christmas Deco ♥


Ballon ♥


You ♥


Me ♥


They ♥

We love to take photo, the interest becomes deeper after having camie in hand. So, we took photo around, althought some backgrounds are not really nice. We're just addicted. Love this addiction. ;p


Jingle Bell, The dirty Bell ♥


Warm Alert: The Christmas tree is dangerous!


Photographer of the day. He is talented as Hock Sin. ♥


Girls, by my camie ♥


Taken by Funfun, Love ♥


Taken by Hock Sin ♥

Visited Fahrenheit88 after photo session, my first time to be there. Went to Uniqlo that I looked forward for a long time too. Winter season at Japan now so the clothing are not really suit Malaysian. As a result, didn't get anything at last, looking forward for their spring series. 


The Last Pixie for the Girls ♥

Louise and Funfun didn't follow us to have movie session so we seperated at Fahrenheit88. Then we two pairs couple went back to Pavilion for dinner before movie. Waiting the fake-snow-bubble at the main entrance of Pavilion. We found that Western would like to enjoy the fake snow too, such interesting!


The only photo that we had on that day ♥


Taken by Master Ho ♥


Serious huh ♥


Taken by ME ♥


What is he looking at?


Oops, it's snowing! ♥

Ended the enjoyable day with the lastest movie - Tron: Legacy


Comment about the movie? Emm.. A very fresh storyline it has with the special and cool effect. Should have interesting in it as basic, if not, you wouldn't really understand the story. Not bad, for the female; quite good, for male. So, are you a male or a female? ;p Share your opinion too about the movie!








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Worked for Sensonic again at PIKOM Digital Lifestyle Expo (DLE) last weekend. It is the newest expo which replace PC Fair, means that no more PC Fair. Maybe advertisements for DLE was not strong enough so there was not that crowded as PC Fair.

Our gang was being smaller now, left only me, funfun, remix and ah card. Annlyn, i miss you badly. Without you, our booth became so quiet and no more energy.

Funfun came my place the night before working, playing Mahjong for awhile before sleeping and I lost RM2O++.


with darling Funfun ♥


the old partner -Remix Soo ♥

It was a small fair so one booth would be for Sensonic and so less promoters were needed. Sorry to PinPin and Iki and the gang, can't hire you this time. We miss you all a lot.

As I said, not much customers this time so we were free enough to chit chat and gossip always. That's why the relationship between us and show girls was closer compared with last time. And I must say that, our pretty show girls - Shookyee and Yomiko are damn nice and responsible enough. Normally, show girl will just stand there and make some postures for photographers, but they still willing to serve customers when we're not around! Babe girls, you're AWESOME!


Cute Girl - Shookyee ♥


Sexy girl - Yomiko ♥

Didn't get sponsor of meal this time, so me and funfun had to find the cheap meal around KLCC. Actually, not that cheap also. :'(

First Day: Bread



Second Day: Braised Yee Mee (RM6.9O)

Braised Yee Mee .jpg

Third Day: Fried Mee Hun (sponsored by A-one-Plus)

MeeHun .jpg




Mr.Ong's birthday dropped on the second day, I knew it through Facebook. That's why Facebook is really so important to us, but, please appreciate this useful social network, don't misuse it as  the way for you to leave last words before dying then think to be famous. You're WRONG! Just appreciate your life and what you have right now.

Bought a very small cake to him due to limited time then cheat him to come back from the other booth during working time. Wish to give him a surprise but actually it's failed. I always failed to give people surprise. :'( By the way, especially thanks to Evelyn to buy the cake and Kenny Gege to cheat the birthday man.

whose birthday .jpg

Whose big day?

Happy Birthday!.jpg

Happy Birthday! ♥

I was just too free so brought along my new camie and took some photos to entertain myself and the gang.


Sensonic Multi-Task GPS


We did enjoy in working, do you?


Merry Christmas!


Happy Birtday! ♥


Housemates a.k.a Gay?!


Ehem.. ♥


Banana Gang

jac lyn & Thip .jpg

Jaclyn ♥ Thip


Going back home: Evelyn & Remix Soo


Pei Qi a.k.a Evelyn's sis ♥


Jason & Hody ♥


Sensonic Staffs ♥


Funfun ♥ Yvett

Having dinner as also the supper after work with the gang. This was the first time to have supper together in a big group. Enjoy the dinner and we all ate a lot. Too hungry after standing for whole day!


Dinner Timea.k.a supper!


The Gang ♥


Funfun is sensitive enough to the camera ya ♥

We didn't really hit the target at last due to the customers flow, however, Sensonic still treat us nice, present us gift as appreciation. Thank You so much! Love my gift so much!


Sweet Couple in the house ♥


Yvett ♥ Kate


Man Power


Yomiko ♥


Clap Clap for them! ♥


Cute her ♥


The 'Christmas Gift' grabbed from Mr.Chicken but it was missing at last :'(


We knew, she was hungry ♥


Don't Litter ♥


Spy?! Mr.Chicken in the hosue!

The alphabet 'O' of SENSONIC dropped then we made fun with it when boss was not around. ;p


Sunflower? ♥


Say Cheese!


You like the act cute one?


Or the act sweet one?

I found that I start to fall in love with Orange color, you know why? Because Sensonic represents O-R-A-N-G-E! Don't believe it? Chech this out!


Orange Sea ♥


Sensonic Trip to Japan?


Something happened when taking the group photo in front of the banner, a kind aunty would like to help us to take the photo. But she was not satisfied about the first picture and arrange us in what she expected. However, the result was not that good also. Yet, you're so kind for us. Thank you aunty!


one more tag was collected ♥

Due to some reasons, this might be my last time to work for them in part time job. Working for Sensonic almost two years and I did learn many things and received many helps and concerns by them. Knowing many people who might help me a lot in the future. I appreciate it. Wish that I can work with you again very soon. Really, Thank You all so much! I Love You!(If you're interested to work for Sensonic during coming fair or finding roadshow part time job, might contact me :] )




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It was Sunday when the second day that I went back Kluang. As usual, Dad and Mom brought me to eat Pak Kut Teh as breaskfast, my super favourite. Since Dominic (my cousin) is a vegetarian, we ordered a plate of vege and taufu for him. No Meat For Him.

Me and my sis .jpg

Round face sisters! ♥

Family .jpg

Do we look alike?

Did a simple shopping at Kluang Mall which I already went there the night before with my babes. And shopping mall in Klaung is not that big as KL, so it's quite bored to come here again. Mom spot a bag from Summit but she didn't buy it at last because the price is too high for her. Would like to buy one for her at KL. Mummy, wait for me! I'll get one for you! 

Accidentally, found a wishing Christmas tree there. There are a lot of tag hanging up from orphans which including their Christmas wish. Public might be their Santa to present the gift their wishes. What they want are just very simple, sport shoes, toys and even a clothes. So, just share out your love .

Wishing tree .jpg

Wishing tree ♥

Make their dreams come true .jpg

Do you willing to be their Santa?

Followed Dad and Mom to fruit stall after that. Feeling good because I do love fruit so much as I love rice. Bought some fruit to grandma, I think she loves fruit much also.

I love fruits .jpg

Pineapple vs Mango

sis and dominic .jpg

Grass and flower of the fruits?

Went to grandma house, wanted to complete the mission - taking uncle and aunts' photo for grandma's birthday card creation. Thanks to Liko TLC who gave the idea. Looking forward for your hand-made card! Didn't show you photo of the part of the card but photo with grandma will be. Grandma kept saying that:'So hard to smile once you want me to smile purposely!' Then, we all just laugh 'Haha', she will show her smile. So cute of her, my beloved grandma!

dominic & grandma .jpg

Grandma with lil sis .jpg

Thanks for Grandma who took care of me when I was small. I was over-thin last time and grandma worried about me and tried her hard to feed me so that I can be more healthy. All of her grandchildren grows up. Some are not really concern about her and respect her, but luckily, most of us still love her so much. Grandma, we will protect you and care you all the time from others' heartless. Just want to tell you, we really love you so much. I appreciate your effort to grow me up. Now, is my turn to take care you and daddy mommy

with grandma .jpg

Grandma, I love You! ♥

Do you have small pillow which being with you since small? I have one but being grabbed by Master Ho so would like to take something to hug from home. But, I was wrong. What I found are..

hurted .jpg


The ugly pillow!!! Whose one?

lil sis with her babes .jpg


Went home next day by taking 12pm bus. Now, I'm waiting Christmas, the day to come back Kluang again for Grandma's birthday celebration. Would like to miss my past time so much recently, either primary school or secondary school. That was the happiest time that I had. So, appreciate what you have right now





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Finally I got back to my hometown after almost two months. Decided to back on Saturday so that Master Ho can accompany me to go bus station. I was not alone this time since my cousin- Dominic would like to follow me to go Kluang during his one-month-holiday. Primary school and secondary school students are the most enjoy schooling period to have a long holiday.

Yvett .jpg

Going back. Exciting


The friends with me when I was bored in bus

Texted my three babes once I reached, do you know how much I miss you girls. All of them were so busy in their holiday but luckily we still can meet at last, decided to have a meet at night. Visited grandma straight away after super market session with my aunts. I miss my grandma so much, plus, her birthday is coming soon. The celebration will be during Christmas, so I have the chance to go back Kluang again after a week. :)

The gather with babes was 7pm and Dad fetched me to Ellyn 's house to meet her as first.(she is the driver of the night but she don't dare to come my home alone ;p) Waiting Ellyn's mom to back home then going to fetch Han Er, the girl kept texting me to ask us fetch her faster. Babe, I know you do miss me a lot, be patient ya! Fetching Nichole after that, finally four of us met up again!!!

Thinking for a long time to decide where to go, Kluang is developing but still not much nice places for us actually. Picnic was the choice as Nichole's intro, a new place here. The decoration did attract us but the drinks taste really bad. Should be improved. Luckily we just ordered drinks and no food.

Ellyn .jpg

Ellyn ♥

Han Er .jpg

Han Er ♥


Nichole ♥

Nichole 2 .jpg

Nichole 3 .jpg

Rude You!

I didn't meet them for few months, honestly, I did worry that there was a gap between us and we felt awkward once we meet. However, the fact broke the worry. We gossip, laugh and crazy just like before. It's too bad that Mr.Tee didn't join us this time, he had family barbecue night. Guy, I miss you too. :)

Yvett & Nichole.jpg

Yvett ♥ Nichole

Yuin Han & Ellyn .jpg

Han Er ♥ Ellyn

Babes .jpg

I look fat amng them :(

Babes 2 .jpg

We love self-photograph ♥

Chilled for 1 hour, decided to go Kluang Mall with the purpose of finding 'donut', the latest hair tool. Nichole used it that night and the effect was not bad and so Ellyn would like to get herself one also. Too bad I'm no longer long hair, so.. non of my business? ;p

The Gathering Place .jpg

The Gathering Place @ Picnic

Nichole 4 .jpg

Going to market? ;p

Nichole & Yuin Han .jpg

Last pic before leaving

(how come Ellyn didn't join them? Suprisingly!)

Failed to find the donut, all were sold out. Does it the hottest hair tool among the teenagers recently? Have no idea. Went to Restaurant Tan Ching Hing a.k.a Ah Foke Satey after that. For those who are not staying at Kluang, I would like to recommend this stall. Their satey and fried chicken taste very nice and the price is quite reasonable too. You must try it when you visit Kluang. ;)

Yvett & Yuin Han .jpg

The only pic with Han Er ♥

Ellyn & Nichole .jpg

Ellyn ♥ Nichole

(Girls, I edited for you, so nice am I) ;p

Dishes .jpg

We're hungry ghost :)

Went home after this and chill awhile at Ellyn's home to wait my dad to fetch me. All of us do change a lot, either from outlook or thinking mind, i think four of us become more matured, although we still laugh like hell all the time. The only thing that never been changed is our FRIENDSHIP. I was really happy to meet with you again, and don't forget your promise ya! I can't wait to our next outing!

my Babes .jpg

Babes, I love you




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