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*Thx to Ellyn babe*

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  • Jun 26 Sat 2010 00:39
  • Y❤U

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Without reason, I Love You.

If coming together with reason, I have no point to Love You.

Don't be sad, and it's truth.

You're not thoughtful, although You always say You're,

You're not helpful, because You're selfish enough,

You're not caring, although You thought You're,

You're not matured, You like to pretend be a child,

You're not hansome, although You believe You're,

You're not hard-working, all the homeworks belong to me,

You're not a perfect boyFriend,

and even You won't be a good husband,


as what You said,

You love me rather than others,

You would not show me Your caring and love obviously,

You just keep saying sweet words and honeyed phrases, 

until sometimes I do feel fake of it,

You would not allow me to do anything harms myself,

You just keep lecture me with thousands reasons.

until sometimes I do feel it is annoying,

You would not let me to sit after every meal,

You just keep alert me that I will be fat,

until sometimes I do feel that You're unreasonable.


I always thought that I understand You enough rather than Yourself,


I was wrong.


I'm the one who not understand You the most.

I do not understand how much You really love me,

I do not understand how much You really care me,

I do not understand how much You really protect me,

I do not understand how much You really sacrefice for me,

I do not understand how much You really bear in mind of me.


You love me, so You keep saying "I love you" to me,

You care me, so You scold me if I make You worried,

You protect me, so You hold my hand all over the time,

You sacrefice for me, so You wake up in the early morning to fetch me to class,

You bear in mind of me, so You keep calling me and following me wherever and whenever.



I blamed what You did.

I blame You're not sincere to keep saying fine-sounding words to me,

I blame You're not dote on me as others' boyfriends,

I blame You're annoying to hold my hand every moment,

I blame You're stubborn as fetch me class even You're not enough sleep,

I blame You're too depend on me so calling me frequently;

I blame You're not trusted me so following me to everywhere.


Tiger Kitty a.k.a Lao Tan,

not expensive enough to be a gift,

but I Love It rather than others.


This Time,

I can feel that it is brought to me by sincere,

by caring,

by love.

It's important for me,

because of it,

I start to understand You, 

after 7 months,

hope it would not be late. =p


I don't know whether You will read this article patiently,

if Yes,

Please allow me to say,

"Thank You, Master Ho,

You're really lazy because You're master,

You're really strern as You do for Yourself,

You're really annoying to order me to do work,


I found that how much You did for me is not less than me,

wish us can being together better,

without misunderstanding,

without fighting,

with tolerant,

with peaceful,


of course,

with LOVE. "


25.O6.2O1O-start to understand You.jpg





beloved dear-->C.Y


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