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A post which fulled with photos will be for next. Do enjoy ya!

It's the last day for our On-Stage and Program department to set up all the backdrop and launching ceremony.

As the main member to set up the 'tree' of the backdrop, me and gigi were damn nervous. 

After reaching college hall at 10am, we straight away to continue our measuring and drawing job of the tree.

SzeChee, Tse sian and the helpers from other departments drawn and cut the "ECOnnect" and "talking green" as well.

Thank you so much to the members, we appreciate it!


Hard-working SzeChee to cut out "SET ME FEE"

Besides the backdrop, the 3D tree which located at the center of the college hall was in rushing process.

The related members used almost one week to fix the shape of tree and color it.

It took much of time!



Due to the request from LingLing, I was forced to when she was working hard =p

Especially thanks to members from Security & Maintainence,

I had my beloved Filet-O-Fish as my Lunch!

I was damn hungry and tired!

I need F-O-F to energize me!





ME 2.jpg 

It energized me!

All of us were in tension to rush the progress to finish all the stuff that we had to finish it.

however, there were 2 super cute guys willing to be the farmers to steal the soil around Black-V due to the part of open launching ceremony.*Clap clap fo them*


Finally our "baby" backdrop came out with wonderful GREEN COLOR!

backdrop 2 .jpg

Our "BABY"

Although It's a small case for you,

but we put much of effort to make it to be more accurate to the ideal ratio of size and each measurement.



Ideal arrangement of backdrop

After finishing the backdrop,

we're just run out from the jail and started to do something LAME!


Spot the "wedding service centre"

LAME 2.jpg


Lastly, we went home with satisfied and keep planning the next to-do-list by next day.

We put much of our effort and heart in it,

We love ECOnnect!

Do you?






coming soon: The day to hang the backdrop and full rehearsal for opening launching ceremony






-stay tune-


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*Before going out*

It's the first day of our Set-up Day for ECOnnect.

Whole APR1 were requested to meet at College Hall at 1pm.

This is the first time that all members from different depertments worked together.

I reached college at 1.05pm after having lunch with Master Ho. First time to be so punctual! =p

Swepting floor.jpg

Due to waiting for our card boards being moved out from store room,

We could only start our works at 3pm..

Me, Ms.Gigi and Karen were requested to make the backdrop out.

Again, drawing, cutting, coloring and hanging it up are needed.



KarenGigi are focusing to stick the card boards

Karen.Gigi 2.jpg

When they realise the camera lens


Drawing Queen

Dirty Knee.jpg

Dirty Knee. The symbol of hard working =p

The college hall had to closed at 5pm so we're forced to leave.

Actually we're not really finish what we had to finish by today.

It made Ms.Gigi tension and she cried when facing serious traffic jam to go back home.

She turned back to meet me and Master Ho to have dinner together.


We had our meal at Restaurant Nyonya Penang ,Sri Rampai.

One of our favourite place since there is Karaoke provided.=)

We sang for two hours to realease our stress well! 

Gigi.Master Ho.jpg

The main supporters in my recent Lonely life. They are lame``

Appreciate to the friendly boss and staffs there.

They provide good service and polite attitude as well.

Going back home with satisfied and fulled of power to fight again tomorrow.

Honestly, we need MAN POWER so much in finishing the big size backdrop.. =[



Wish that we can finish it by tomorrow.

God Bless Us..






coming soon: Pre-event Day 3


-Stay Tuned-

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Event 'ECOnnect' organised by APR1 in TAR College is coming soon on next Tuesday (3rd Aug). The 'ECOnnect' will be held for three days, 3rd-5th Aug. Our event is with theme of mobile recycle. You're welcome to join us! You can bring along your old mobile phone to be recycled, update yourself with latest infor about NOKIA and phone recycle, take part activities and competitions to win a grand prize, and enjoy the stage performences crazily!

As the member from stage decoration of Stage and Program department, I have start to prepare our decoration part. I would like to update our Pre-event and During-event Dairies here to share you about my first event organization! =)

I would like to highlight that new local singer--Lin Kah Jun will support our event and attend it on 5th Aug at 1pm. His album is being sold with RM22, including poster. You can get his auograph on that day with the album! So, Come and buy it from me NOW!

We met at college aroud 1.30pm today to start to do the fences which will be placed in front of our backdrop. It's lenght must be longer than 450cm and we're lack of MAN POWER since the only-two-guys in our department were busy today. Leaving only four of our girls to do it. Can you believe, we used knife to cut the curd boards! It just like selling pork!


*super casual wear of the day*

I would like to thank to Ms.Ooi to help us to 'chop' the card board since she is the only one who can manage it well. =)

After 'choping', we just realise that we have no any color material to color our 'fences'! and we're in budget so we're not afford to buy the materials.

Plain fences .jpg 

*Plain fences*

We tried hard to think about the ideas to decorate our fences well so that they look more attrative. We tried to cover it with colorful newspaper; we failed. During the time when we're disappointed and gonna give up. Our 'saver' came! He is the badminton coach in TARC but I'm so sorry I'm not really know his name.

However, he is really kind enogh to help us to think the way to decorate the fences and also borrow LED light for us! Although we not really get the light but we got a lot of color materials and brush! We're so happy and excited can be. We started to move on and color the fences!

water color.jpg




Fences Queen


Fence Queen no.2


Gigi 2.jpg

Master Ho.jpg

The later comer a.k.a the only MAN POWER

We took almost one and half hours to finish it. Yes! Although We didn't get what we wanted, at least, we could show it with color and some simple design with zero cost! we're Recycling!

Please do recycling together with us!

 Love the EARTH, Love Yourself! =)





coming soon: We'll decorate the 450cm backdrop with fulled meaningful designs



-stay tune-

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Hi world, Finally I'm here again. And thanks god that I'm still alive!

Yes, I'm busy like hell recently due to dozens of assignment works. Finally I finished the hardest one and left the easy one to be passed up on next MONDAY!

it supposes to be passed up by this week, do you know how kind of our beloved tutor-Mr.Alex?! so that we can pass it up by next week!

actually there was a FIFA post should post but I threw it into draft and now, I think it's too late to let it runs behind the super ended tail of FIFA fever.

so, just ignore it! My David Villa.. ='(

well, the mobile recycle event, ECOnnect conducted by APR1 will be held on 3rd-5th August, 2O1O at TAR College, KL.

As one of the members of APR1, I have to support and do promotion about it!

Honestly, We spend lots of 'hearts' and efforts in it, especially all the departments' leaders! clap clap for them!

Besides that, we are glad to invite Lin Jia Jun, the new local singer who sing "三个字" as our VIP.

and we will sell his album by RM22, FREE poster is given.

anyone who interest in it, please drop me comment here ya!



There is a long time that I do not hang out to have fun with my lovely FunFun,

plus, She is quite EMO recently because she always be bullied these few weeks.

pity FunFun, Sayang Sayang~

Promise you to have a movie date by next TUESDAY, our 'SALT' day!

one of the movies that i wish to watch!

Please don't disappointing me~

so, it's time for me to sleep.

will update about my SALT day soon,




would like to show a last century pic of mine. I'm really old now. I miss my PAST..






 ..Stay Tuned..






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I found that there are a lot friends are in EMO recently. They have their own reasons to EMO, maybe life is getting worst now? We hard to stand still in the cruel world? or, Assignment beat us down. 

Today is a busy day for me. After "secret misson", rushing to library to have group discussion, again. There were non-stop group discussion for assignment started from last week. They will come with more frequent for next. Due to the sickness of yesterday night, I could only pass two survey questions out of five. Luckily Ms.Chan haven't request to have questionaire, yet.

Rushing again to the class after discussion, it was late. Ms.Chan still not yet come and we sat at the last row. This was the first time that I sit at the back, i think. Ms.Chan straight to explain Literature Review and Methodology sections as front part of our assignment progress. I thought it just like what I done in diploma but actually it's NOT! There are more facts and rational issues that we should think and manage with matured and reasonable thoughts. We can't simply choose the method which easier us; but it's really suit for our research! WTH~

Fortunately, our methods are still accepted.

Next, come to the journals and books, We have to find five for each. It sounds easy but it's not. We should find the one which all related to our topic, and, We have to read all ten materials and understand it then categorize them into sub-topis, then, come out with research and theories! OMG~ Plus, it's only a part of the whole assignment, more heavy works are waiting us! RESEARCH will come out next.

Well, our topic is "Effectiveness of Multiple Celebrity Endorsement Advertisement". It is a interesting topic from cutie GiGi. We already get three journals and no one book. =(

According to cutie GiGi and Yvonne Ng, there is only one rack of related book at library and they found all, no one is usable to our assignment. so, What we plan to do is going National Library! We seems like so PRO until going to National Library.

Lastly, there were some conversations being shared:


**********conversation 1**********

ME       :"We have to go National Library so we have to wear in long pants and long-sleeved blouse, right?"

Yvonne:"Then should we wear tudung?"

ME       :"......"

**********conversation 2**********

ME       :"so, where is National Library?"

Yeunis :"I remember that It's near TARC,"

ME       :"so, where is the accurate location of it?"

Yeunis :"I don't know"

ME       :"......."

**********conversation 3**********

Gigi      :"I remember that the building is green in color, but i don't know where is it,"

ME       :"......"

Yeunis :"......"




so, We don't know where is National Library!

anyone gives me some guides?

Checking on Google Map...

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I done my presentation, which means I done one more thing in my "waiting-to-do" list!

As what Ms.Ooi said, I just like a mushroom, standing in front and doing presentation!

It's unfortune that I didn't hit the performance that I wish to get during presentation. Maybe there is a long time to have no presentation practise and I did the preparation at the last minutes, I made a low standard presenting performance. I didn't get what I really want! But nevermind, Mr.Alex is really good enough since he pointed out our weaknesses rather than the strengths. It's good so that We won't always be proud in our strengths but finally we found our weaknesses. Thank You so much, Mr.Alex. ^^

Afternoon, the two hours break between tutorials, I had a happy lunch meal. There was long time ago that I had meal in a big gang of friends. The "guests" in my today lunch time are:

1. Master Ho

2. Steven Tow

3. Ling Ling

4. Ms.Yeunis

5.Cutie Gigi

Ms.Annlyn planned to join us also, but she decided to make preparation before her sweet dating at last minutes. =(

There was a long time that I didn't meet Steven Tow. *actually there is only around 2 weeks*

Recent him is hard-working in doing OT to earn more salary. So, We have less time to gather and "chui shui" together.So happy that he was here for lunch, same as last time, he kept shooting Ms.Yeunis and ya, I like your jokes, althought sometimes they're cold..


**************After Lunch Time**************


We met Ms.Annlyn at her hostel. and, unfortunately, I forgot to bring my wallet and my student ID card was in it!! I worried how can I registered and got into hostel. When going to the register counter, LingLing took out both her old and new student ID card, and kept telling the security guard:"pak cik, kita empat orang ye.. so, sini empat ID card..." I was so worrying that the guard would check all the student ID card well, and LingLing did so. Luckily, We always good in pretending, we acted like nothing happen and kept giving him nice smile and polite attitude. and YA! I got in!

Actually we had a *secret mission* at hostel, that's why we rushed to hostel an hour before the class. and sorry that I can just only tell roughly about the "secret misson" right now. You will find it out soon!

Our class was at 12pm, four of us still walk slowly from the hostel at 12.3Opm... =p

and we recorded two videos on the way to class! We're lame~

I'll upload the video soon after editing ^..^


**************Library Time!**************


We had group discussion after class. It's the most tired activity after class. We all seen like falling asleep but forced to go library. and, I just realised again that I forgot to bring wallet when I stepped to library. Again, I borrow Ms.Yeunis's ID card to lie the guard. Sorry for that, I'm alway honest, this is my first time to do so and hope that it will bt the last.

We could not start everything without Karen because all the papers, references and journals were being there. While waiting her.. We were..



Our new classmate-- Yvonne Ng from Perak branch

a smart student with excellent english ^^

Gigi sleeping .jpg

cutie Gigi

a smart and hard-working student in our class! ^^

yeunis sleeping .jpg

Our class rap for this sem, ya, she was forced to be.. *pity her =p*



and the Last...


I'm in happy mood because many say about my hair has grown fast! It's not yet one week from new cutting! 

wish it maintains the speed of growing! =)



Oops! I have to finish my searching and thinking about methods used in asignment so I need to stop here; if not, I will be killed by Ms.Yeunis!

Finally my litle FunFun comes to meet us by tomorrow.

Can't wait to her first expression when she sees my NOOB hair! =p

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I woke up early in the morning, reaching college around 6.45am, waiting for almost five hours, finally.. I get Loan from PTPTN!!

I tried to apply it during my diploma for twice, but i was failed for twice. Lacking of documents and certification problem made me failed it.. This gave my parents a heavy responsibility to pay not only my daily ussage but also study fee.

Now, I get the loan.. I'm really happy on it!

When I get know from Ms.Annlyn that we should queue up at 6.3Oam early in the morning, I was feel like "huh...?!"

Ya, I knew there will be a long waiting time if I queue it up very "late".

so, I prepared myself to sleep a little bit earlier last night.

Maybe I too care the loan, I woke up for at least three times in the midnight to makesure myself won't be overslept.

Luckily, I could wake up at 5.55am and took bath, and ya, make-up was the most important!

Reaching college around 6.45am, actually there were already a lot of students. It was really crowded. Just like those fans were waiting for buying concert ticket!

This time, I was not alone. We had totally 8 people sat there and waited, together. I do love the word "together" a lot recently.

We filled up and prepared well the form. And some of us learned our parents' signature to sign, although It looks s*ck..

While waiting time, Ms.Annlyn took out her play cards and started to "gambling". *we never take out our money as well so don't catch us into jail ya*

Actually, the submition process was faster than last time because  there was more systematic so that all process could undergo smoothly. *Well done!*

Finally, We were near to the door for waiting those checking, saksi and submition steps. At the same time, I just realise that I never do photocopy of my SPM result as one of the agreement doc! WTH!

I was very nervous and started to think nothing. Luckily Ms.Annlyn gave me instruction so that I could get it finally. Thx for Ms.Annlyn and my beloved Master Ho. muackz!

After that, I reached the last submission counter. Passing all the documents up, I was feel like "pwee~"

And I took college to back home afterward.. because.. =p

althought I'm really tired now, I still very happy and glad that finally I get the Loan. My parents can be more relax, for awhile. just for awhile.

I done one more important thing in my "waiting-to-do" list!



I do look pale and tired, right? Yes, I do.

ps: tQ so much, Master Ho. and I'm sorry that I can't drive well so that I need you to wake up early in the morning and send the doc for me immediately. especially when You're getting flu. Ganbatte in your presentation ya, I love you. Muackz!









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APR1 students from Tunku Abdul Rahman College will held a mobile phone event during 3rd-5th 2O1O at Tunku Abdul Rahman College Hall.

As a APR1 student, I should promote our event, since We put much of efforts to succeed it. We think ideas, prepare our props, decorate the venue, upgrate our already ideas and keep meetings every single week. We just wish to performe a nice and memorable informative event for ALL. So, please do support us and join us at the following venue and date.It's Free of Charge and we welcome all to join!


Do you know all of the materials in your mobile phone can be recoverd and used to generate energy or make new products?

Do you know how to recycle a mobile phone?

Do you know where do you can recycle your mobile phone?

Find out your answer HERE!

Many exciting and fun games and performances are waiting for you.

New brand Nokia phones are waiting for you to be won too!


*kindly visit to http://econnect2010.blogspot.com/ to get more information about the event*

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I change my blog theme as Greengrass. It suits the event which held by our APR1 on August 2O1O. Our event theme is related to the Recycle Progrom recently be promoted by Nokia. As the theme, We can already know that It's about recycle. Every member is hard-workign to think about ideas of decoration, activities, performances, budget.. Dozens of works plus assignments drive us to be crazy. Some of us feel like give up at the half way, and so am I. But Parents pop-up in my mind, I know, they will be Disappointed on me. so, Master Ho, Ms.Meryl Wong and those who think about giving up before, plz cheer up ya! Let's us cooperate together to held a successful and interesting event to our beloved TARC students! All lovely and intelligent APR1 members, We're Fighting!  

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Weekend finished and weekday is coming! Monday is the best day that I love the most since there is no tutorial class but only two lectures. As what I promised to myself, I tried my best to attend the 1Oam lecture a.k.a Ms. Lim's lecture on that day. I prepared well on 9.45am so that I won't be late for class. However, waiting Master Ho until 1O.2Oam and then picked Ms. Annlyn along to college. It was already 1O.35am when we reached. Plus, our lovely Ling Ling had not reach from her breakfast. We thought that Ms. Lim is a super discipline lecturer so we even don't dare to get into the lecture hall. So, we kept sitting in Master Ho's car and do nothing. We were so LAME!

We are ponteng kaki.gif

As what Ms. Meryl Wong said, We are ponteng kaki!

Love Peace.gif

Camwhore in car ♥


And, ya, i tied my hair up on that day so You may imagine that how long that I have not cut my messy hair! still waiting Ling Ling and Ms. Yeunis to be free!


Meeting was undergone as usual about our event organizing. As usual again, we ate breakfast after it. The only difference happened was there was only me & Master Ho enjoyed the breakfast. Ling Ling went Ms.Annlyn's hostel to wait her sis, Fun Fun was not around, and Louise too.. Mr. Steven was working. Oh Shit! It sounds lonely!!! Forgive me, I still can't accept the loneness.. 

Ms.Annlyn intoduced me a part time job as promoter during game fair on July. Actually I rejected it due to worriment about event preparation works. Some personal reasons changed my mind to accept it. So, we {me, Ms.Annlyn, Ling Ling} would like to interview around 4pm. Before that, 2 pieces of pic should be prepared, and three of us don't have it!

It was ok since we could print it out by pictures kiosk which is available at Jusco. This was the first time that I using it. Ya, I admit that I'm a traditional village girl. It looks great and fast for us. but, because we're noob with it, controlling the machine already took us for long time.



sending pika by Bluetooth


It's hard for me to control it =(


Actually that was a very simple and informal interview.

The company named I1play.com which just promote the hottiest online game--CANAAN a.k.a . and We going to sell the pack costs RM2.9O which including freshie player guideline of CANAAN. so, if you're interested in it, Please join us on 16th, 17th and 18th July 2O1O at Midvalley! =)

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Advanced diploma gets into 4th week and now only I start to ENJOY  it!

but the 1st question is... Am I looks LC?

LC, is the most description from others towards me.

Since when, I accepted it, so i always thought that I'll be hard to get know new friends in AD *Advanced Diploma*.

God is blessing me, I get many new great friends which out of my expectation!

However, mostly are not from my class. You know why? because most of my classmates are already ex-KL branch, so they're not considered as my new friends although I not really know about them. *shame*

Turning back to my topic, those new friends bring me bad impression in my first sight. I felt they're LC. On the other hand, they thought our gang is LC too! *sorry for repeating the rude word =p*

By the way, it's great when we get know each other and chat well with each other in short period. Keep Going, guys! I wish it can make me enjoy my new campus life more! And, it's nice to meet you all, hope we cancooperate well and awesome job in even organizing==>our main goal of first sem!


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Tehee~ my advanced diploma already come to 3rd week.. so sad, i can't enjoy it even though i force myself to do so. As what i had been "EMO" at my previous post, i lose my friends in my campus life. Actually not as special and serious as what i said, and i thought i can fit it well in a very soon period. But, facts is cruel. i totally feel lonely, especially during tutorial classes.

I'm the one who hard to talk with others, I have no idea on what should I talk with people at first..

This drives me to feel sad and stress in the class. Sad, I don't have the one who can hear me when i face problem. Stress, i have to change the style to do assignment since grouping with "new partners". I have to suit the time, the way they do work, the style they put into the assignment.. God bless me to do well in it. I don't want to be the burden of others! it will make me SHAME!

Throwing away the sadness side of my recent life, shall i talk some about positive and happiness?

There is a CC (cyber cafe) season for me and Master Ho! Yup, we run to cc every night / mid-night to have "big businee"! for guys, DOTA is always their favourite, how for me? L4D2 is hottiest! i admit that i'm still NOOB in it even i play this online game for one year, especially shooting. It makes me get lowest shooting accuracy among teamates unless misshooting my teamates with high rate! **shame*

during this CC season, three more people join us! Annlyn and her super hubby--Jesselpon Ang are our first guests while Master Ho's friend -- Iverson Lee is second guest. we always meet to have dinner that straight to start our "war" representively..

DOTA' gang:

1. Master Ho

2. Darren Cheng

3. Jesselpon Ang

4. Iverson Lee


L4D2' gang:

1. Sim

2. Carmen Jang

3.Hazel Chee

4. Annlyn Tan


it's fun to meet almost every night. Do you believe, we play at least 5 hours per day! so, i sleep at 5am everyday. My panda eyes come out very sOOn! Many people think that we're crazy and addicted deeply on it, but it becomes the way to release my stress and sadness in my life. because of this, i'm closer with dear Camen and Hazel rather than my B3' classmates. It sounds sad, right? but it's true.

Alone makes me learn to be independent, i hope i can do it. Learning still in the process, at least, i start to listen my class with 99.9% concntrate. I try my best to avoid asking others about problem on study, I don't want do nonsense in class.

Besides this, meeting new friends and coursemates make me feel that is time to upgrade myself. They're PRO in what they do.. Language, Managing Skill, Communication Way.. I should learn it! so, i should upgrade my English as the first but not just stop it at Secondary school standard! *it's sad*

Two of my beloved honey baby have travel to Taiwan and Japan as where they wish to go. Both are favourite travelling paradise for me. Heard from them, they get many items with a super duper cheap price! Oh my God~ it attracts me so so much! So, when can i make it true?

i said i want to save mony but where is the money? Answer: others' pocket.. Sob Sob.. T.T

Japanese class attracts me also. I do remember that it was 3,4 years ago that i started to say to attend Japanese class. But i still stop my Japanese level in saying "Konichiwa, Ganbate, Ogenkidesuka..?"

Really, i should upgrate myself but not just sitting here to waste my parent's money and also my life!

I want make my life be ENJOYABLE & COLORFUL!!!

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在炎热夏天下等待巴士的我    [无奈]



chiayee & fun fun

好不容易,我们终于到达目的地了。一到那,标准的office men & office ladies就在我们面前穿梭,幸亏意识到公关公司的专业,所以也配合的,穿得比较正经。。也顺道实习OL生活呗!xp

















我们比原定计划提早抵达许多,所以我们便到附近的station 1等待记者姐姐的电话,也顺道记录我们即将访问的问题资料。




STATION1 vs 饭饭










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