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First time to have out-going with colleagues, for 3-days-2-nights holiday. There is a new open Water Sports Paradise, with artificial lake.

Let's see the environtment there. ;)



Where we stayed


The Lake


Living Room No.1



Living Room No.2








Reached there at evening. Love the environment so much, quiet and peaceful, can't imagine myself located in KL. Enjoy fish spa at the front of our resort, girls don't like the itchy feeling of fishes bite and holded each other tightly. 


Wearing life jacket by following the instruction and jumped into the lake! Water Sports activities had been started!


Get Ready!


Banana Boat





The sky was getting dark, all took turn to bath and ready for dinner - Barbecue. 


Busy BBQ-ing, all were hungry after sports!


Look yummy!


Close up! Still look yummy too!


At the end..


Some games prepared for us, the fight between males and females. Who gonna be the winner team? No idea about that because it came to the end without knowing. While, some of us continued the drunk night crazily.


First Round


Second Round Ready!



All teens / adults, please don't drink too much of liquor, if not....


Reddish face


Die Fish


Dying with your lovely pillow

Luckily I didn't drunk at the first night, still feel good at the next morning. Having breakfast and took part team building. Then continued with the water sports again!


Morning after the night


Team building





or Jacuzzi? *look damn fat here! should slim myself down*

Leaving the village at next morning with my sporty skin because Kayak for half day the day before, falling in love with kayak after Nasional Service, a memorable experience for me ;)


And also with my puffy eyes, effect after the second drunk night with a box of beers. Then I was blurred after 6-7 tins, hates beers from now! Made me suffered!


Steps on the greenish, see my shadow


Say Cheese!


Sunglasses covers my puffy eyes


Driver of the day: Goodbye!

There is a suitable place for break free!

Address: 13, jalan tasik prima 2/5, taman tasik prima, Puchong, Malaysia

more details,

please click here



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  • Jan 11 Tue 2011 22:01
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Yeehaa! My holiday is going to end soon, today is the last day to be here. Heading back to the annoying city tomorrow. So, my busy life should be started very soon. Luckily, Chinese New Year a.k.a Ang Pao Festival ready to save me. :)


Before the busy working life, there will be series of busy crazy days and nights. Yes! Both of my babes and darling gangs will be gathered very soon. And ya, would join the new gang on coming Saturday. Lots of activities are waiting for me! Always having much of fun with them


Oh yea, finally get a new color for my nails from Skin Food. The best choice for myself :)



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The last station of my holiday/sem break--Kluang *my home sweet home*

outing for breakfast .jpg

I'm a typical village girl that I enjoyed my days at Kluang since I was samll, a small town located at Johor. We have not much entertainment places there, there is improving. However, I have much of the memories there which can't be replaced by any high-class + high-tech entertainments at Kuala Lumpur. The memories at Kluang, is the ONLY ONE, with my beloved family and my secondary school babes, I still love them so so much, never been less, although we seldom to contact now.

Having dinner together with family at the night when I just reached. Uncle also came back from Johor Bahru, as usual. (He comes back to visit grandma almost every weekend) I love to have dinner with a big gang of family members, I feel warm and sweet with it.


Lovely Papa


Beloved Mama

Mummy 2.jpg

Forced me to shoot it ><

MuiMui .jpg

Sweet MuiMui ♥

 (nickname by us since she was small)


Cute Grandma ♥

Kai ma~ .jpg

Eldest Aunt a.k.a 'half' Kai Ma ♥

uncle chun .jpg

my Good Uncle ♥

Aunty Chun .jpg

Aunty Chun ♥

 Next day, outing for breakfast with them again. 'Pak Kut Teh' is always the first choice, especially for me. They only eat Pak Kut Teh when I'm back! Love them so much! Going to get a new spec at Focus Point after it. Master Ho forced me to get one spec. T^T He don't want me to wear contact lens for almost 12hours per day. Yea, I know I was wrong. Checking eyes and wtf my degree raise up again to 800++ each eye. I don't want be blind! I still want to see the beautiful world and people! I should really take a good care on my eyes. Eyes eyes, I love You! Spec Spec, I hate You!


On_The_Way to Pak Kut Teh

MuiMui and I.jpg

Moi and Muimui, do we look alike? ♥

When I with spec 2.jpg

When me with Mummy's spec 1 ♥

when me with spec.jpg

When me with Mummy's spec 2 ♥


Daddy and Mummy work at day, so I stay at Eldest Aunt's house until evening when my parents work since small, same to my sis. So, we're closed with eldest aunt and her family. We call her daughters and son as 'JieJie' and 'GorGor' as well. and they treat us nice, too. What I normally do at my 'Second Home'? Watching TV is the only entertainment and also the only thing to do. There is ASTRO available and many channels have been subscribed so I can watch for whole day by switching every channel at certain time, non-stop! but I focused more on Astro On Demand this time because I was crazy towards the latest Hong Kong movie--Can't Buy Me Love. It's so funny and I love Family Kam so much. I love their relationship between Brothers. My lil sis loves it also. Straight away lying on the sofa and watched it after school. LMAO

Can't buy me love .jpg

Please ignore her messy hair and stupid pose ==''


Celebration of Mooncake Festival is one of the reason that I was back to home. I appreciate every festival and important day with family.

Beautiful night.jpg


Muimui with dang lung .jpg


What was he doing?


Cutting candles for lighting 'Dang Lung' ♥

Daddy playing dang lung.jpg

Papa lights the 'Dang Lung' ♥


Does she pose as sexy as Angelina Jolie? =p

She is my Jolie

Dang Lung .jpg

A child is lighting her 'Dang Lung' ♥

blurred .jpg

He is Cute, right?

Do we look alike .jpg

She is adorable, right? ♥


Forced to take this photo for HER

Many youths would like to celebrate those days with their friends rather than family, they think that it'll be more fun to be with friends. Still, 8O% of them will regret when they're outstation or oversea, I'm the one of them. So, I always advise my lil sis to accompany Daddy and Mummy more and love them more. Lil sis is out-going than me so my parents worry about her more than me.

Parents feed us and grow us up for years are not that easy, they have their way to take care and concern about us but we always thought that they're annoying, they'll sad for it. so, please appreciate the moment to be with your family and please respect to them!

Grandma's house.jpg

Daddy Mummy, love.jpg

Daddy Mummy, I Love You!

light-the hope.jpg


Bitter always comes after the sweet. After the 'Lighting Ceremony', I had to help my sis to do her homework--Handmake Booklet

Actually she can done it few days before but idk why her lazy-ness made her delay the work until so late. It made me slept at 2am. OMG ><

my bed .jpg

wt Messy bed of mine?! @.@

society work .jpg

The works ♥

Yi.Kou Cai.jpg

忆。口才(Yi.Kou Cai), means memories of the Public Speaking Society

Getting souvenirs from Ellyn which she brought it from Japan. It was almost one month to be her since we always can not meet up. I miss her and two more babes so much! You guess what, I get a pack of Hello Kitty snacks from babe! They're so cute and make me don't want to eat them. but some of them already expired. I still keep them until now, don't want to throw such cute things into dustbin, so pity, right? =p Thank You so much, lyn babe! I love you!

present from Lyn .jpg

Outlook of it  damn cute! ♥


Inside the bag, another cute bag ♥

HK snacks .jpg

All the snacks!! ♥

happy .jpg

I'm really happy to have it, tQ so much! ♥

Going back to Kuala Lumpur next day, left the warmth place and continue my suffered life. and the holiday was officially ended. Anyway, take care, my Grandma, Daddy Mummy and MuiMui. I Love You all!!

going back to KL.jpg





-Holiday Ended-


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Rushing back from the Genting with Master Ho at afternoon then driving back to Master Ho's Home Sweet Home in evening. What a rushing trip!

This was not my first time to visit his parents but first time to meet his elder Brother, he just went back from Macau for Holiday.

Having dinner with their family at the night that we just reached. Master Ho's aunty and the family joined us too.

Next day, woke up early in the morning and followed Ho's Family to Muar to visit Grandpa and Grandma, who I never meet before. *a bit nervous*


On_The_Way to Muar .jpg

On_The_Way to Muar

Reached Grandpa and Grandma house after 2 hours++, They're friendly as Master Ho's parents. My nervousness had been calmed. Grandpa and Grandma are having Chinese Medicine Pharmacy (sorry if translating error) and I never see in real but always watch it in HK movies.

at Master Ho

Yes, May I help You?

Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmacy .jpg

I think hard to find this kind medicine cabinet now

Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmacy 2 .jpg

Back to 60' Decade ♥



Traditional Radio .jpg

Traditional Radio, did you see it before?

Having lunch together with Granpa and Grandma, home dishes is always the best! Yummy yummy~``

After that, going to temple which is quite well-known in Muar. But I never heard it, althought I'm Johor-ian.. I seldom go to temple and pray, so you've to forgive me. =p

The design of the temple is quite unique since there are two building located apart to each other on the same land. Idk why.. curious*


Temple .jpg


Statue of Lunar New Year .jpg

Statue of Lunar New YearSnake-r here


Turtles meaning Longevity ♥ They're CUTE!!

Wishing Lamp .jpg

Lighting wishing lamp to make wishes

*Bleesing my family and Master Ho's family*


Heading to Jusco and Dataran Pahlawan(DP) afterward to did simply shopping and watching movie. Piranha was the choice, I watched once before that already. Means that I watched it again, no more surprise, actually. By the way, It's not really nice for me. I think it can me more disgusting and trilling. I'm horror movie lover, but honestly, I did refused to watch Piranha before because I hate ‘Sea Monster' since I had phobia since I was small. I even don't dare to bath last time just because I could imagine that there would be shark or monster came out from the shower.. 'Am stupid, I know


simply pooling with Uncle Ho and Bro Ho before movie started


I bought a 'Liese Bubble Hair Color' at Watson. Knew it for long time ago, felt like want to try also. So, chose Cassis Berry color and tried it at home. I skipped the procedure of coloring but let's you see the result.

Liese Bubble Hair Color .jpg

When bubbles on my hair, It just like a plastic bag putting on my head ==''

Cassis Berry .jpg

The result! 

**Sorry to show my make-up-free and terrible face

It's easy to use, and you may see that I have no more Jelly Hair! It's easy to use but the only problem is there is less choices of the color.


New Shirt by Brand Outlet .jpg

New Shirt by Brand Outlet, Jusco

Went to Fun Fair with Master Ho at night in next day. Getting a Mini Cooper there. What?! Mini Cooper?! Yea, definitely, I get a Mini Cooper! Want to see it?

Me with the little Mini Cooper.jpg

Tadaa~ This is my new 'Mini Cooper'!

I should go back my own hometown at the next day, but I stayed at Tampin for one more day, I just really reluctant to leave my Master Ho.. ='(

So, went to Melaka for sing-K! Always the favourite of mine ♥

As your information, there would be one hour and half taken to reach Melaka Town from Tampin by driving.. Idk the time by taking bus, I never try it before, It should be 2 hours?? Maybe*

We dated LingLing along for sing-K session since she was at Melaka, too.


On_The_Way to DP.jpg

When my Man was driving

master ho singing.jpg

When my Man was singing *always Jay Chou for him*



When I was choosing songs..


-==Toilet Time!!==-

Me-At Toilet.jpg

master ho-at toilet.jpg

lingling and moi-at toilet.jpg

LingLing and Moi. Always the sing-K partners

moi, lingling, master ho.jpg

Going back hometown .jpg

Going back to Johor next day.. I was confusing, I miss my parents and little sis so much but don't want to leave Master Ho so soon.. We're being together almost 24 hours everyday. Plus, I had to take bus for 3 hours. I hate to take bus because I scared strangers and also the smell on the bus. It makes me suffer a lot. Hate*

Lastly, want to show my new favourite. Instax Mini of Hello Kitty! So cute! but It's quite expensive, RM499. I think I can only own it in dream. Anyway, I set a target for myself, I want to buy at least one HK stuff every single month so that I can full my room with HK!


I Hello Kitty

a lot and a lot..

Cheki Hello Kitty .jpg





-NEXT: HoMe SweeT HoMe-







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funfun and lingling -genting.jpg

Finally, I had the chance to go Genting with my college babe(s)--Funfun and LingLing.

We're going to Genting as my first holiday trip! Just like the secondary school students, we're excited for it! 

going to meet lingling .jpg

On_The_Way ♥

Heading to LingLing's place, Melati Utame to meet with Mr.Steven, LingLing and FunFun to have our first meal of the day. FunFun stayed overnight there after the BookFest so that we easier to meet. We're always the good planners, for entertainment activities, ONLY. =p


99 Market.jpg

Nine-Nine Market ♥

Getting Maggie Cup and mineral water at 99-Market due to it's super low price. The 500ml mineral water costs us only RMO.99!

There was around 1pm when we reached First World Hotel, but we had to wait until 4pm to check in. To spend the 3 hours, we went to Starbucks at first while FunFun wanted to use the Wi-Fi to check her mail urgently. 'Sua-Ku-ness' made me excited to go Starbucks. Can you believe that this was my first time to went Starbucks? Oh Ya, please call me Kampung Girl!   

starbuck .jpg

Moi with Starbucks Mocha ♥

steven n ling- Starbuck .jpg

Steven ♥ Starbucks ♥ LingLing


fun and cs-Starbuck .jpg

FunFun ♥ Starbucks ♥ Master Ho *my man*

Okay, as you see, we used three (even four) handphone to try the Wi-Fi but the unknown problem made us failed to connect to the web. So we left there and went to McDonald as Mr.Steven wish. He is a typical French Fries lover.

fun n sim-McD .jpg

Funfun ♥ McD ♥ Moi

ling ling- McD .jpg

LingLing, always the cute-st and lovely

CS n Steven-McD.jpg

Master Ho ♥ McD  ♥ Steven

Maybe we had no fate with Wi-Fi, the McD Wi-Fi was out of service on the day. Nevermind, we're always kind. So, we just simply ordered some sets then spent the time there.

me and my love .jpg

Pooling-He always act Cool, Idk Why but actually he is Cute ♥

Finally we could check in to put our laguage and finally for me to release out my Shit. *Oops, sorry*

steven n ling-1st world.jpg

The most H.I.A.O couple *They're cute by the way*

4 of us .jpg

Once Reach the Room ><

The time was too late for us to play out-door theme park, so we had nothing to do. Master Ho suggested to bring us to visit "Believe It Or Not"--We could find out many weird and unbelievable things in the World. I Love Believable and Unexpectable! It interests our life. Mr.Steven and LingLing decided to stay in the room for nap in the end.

Funfun- Believe It Or Not .jpg

me and granny-believe it or not .jpg

fun n grandpa=Believe It Or Not .jpg

castle-Believe It Or Not.jpg

Matchstick st.Basil Cathedral

Believe It or not .jpg



Genuine English Prison Doors

thumbs screw-Believe It Or Not .jpg

Instruments of Torture

medieval thumbs screw .jpg

Chair for tallest people .jpg

The Tallest Man's Chair

old dentist chair .jpg

Old Dentist Chair

The Most Lucky Chair.jpg

The most lucky chair *you can gain luck after sitting it*

Can You Mkae It .jpg

Can you make it?! *Believe It Or Not?*

The Shoes of Him.jpg

The biggest shoe

the biggest hand.jpg

The biggest hand

Golden Car .jpg

Golden Car? *the car sticked fully with coins*

Your reused materials reborn a doggie.jpg

Your unwanted materials can born a cute Doggie ♥



Sewing machine made by unused materials *interesting*

Can you find the second car .jpg

There are two cars in it, can you find it?


Please laugh on us, we're SHORT, but cute?! =p 

Okay, Fyi .jpg

Okay, Fyi, we're really short.



Back to the hotel after that to let Master Ho and Funfun to digest their morning meal. Should I say``Lazy people always having much of the digestion``

Hotel Room.jpg

When 'am on the bed

when facing mirror .jpg

When 'am in front of mirror

Went for movie afterward, Resident Evil was the choice. It's not bad, but I don't like some parts of it. I think Step Up 3 is till the best movie ever for me.

Going to Safari as my first clubbing experience. Once again, I'm Kampung Girl, I never went clubbing before but most people don't believe me. They would say: "Don't lie, you looks like typical clubbing addict!" *swt*

Local Artist.jpg

Owh, the Korean Artist! XD

Having Maggie Mee Cup as our dinner/supper. Off to bed then. The nature Air-con made me sleepy and comfortable.

Ready to Bed .jpg

Good Night

Master Ho promised his parents to back his hometown so that can meet with his brother who just holiday from work and came back from Macau on next day, so me and Master Ho took the morning bus to back KL; the others took the noon shift. Our trip came to the end.

all of us.jpg

on bus to back home .jpg

On The Way.jpg


Overall, we just did what we normally did at KL. Btw, I was happy and enjoyed the trip well. I don't mind where the place to go, but just mind the people who go along. I had the right people to the right place at the right timing, the trip was too simple? So what?!




-Next: Master Ho's Hometown-

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Popular Book Festival @ Malaysia 2O1O had been held from 4-12 September. I was glad to work for Sensonic, again as promoter. We had the small booth ever during this fair. So, three promoters would be. Me, Ms.Annlyn and Jason. We know each other well and so to the products, so It's still easy for us to handle it. The only problem was the Long working period that we never tried before.


Annlyn and moi *old partner always the BEST* ♥

Ms.LingLing worked for i1play also where her working booth located very near to ours, it sounds good right? Coz` we won't feel bored when working (You know la, those quite long-period-plus-boring fair will not much customers to serve as PC Fair). and Thanks to Ms.Annlyn so that me could having my lunch and dinner with LingLing.


at KLCC Cold Storage ♥


LingLing ♥ KLCC Cold Storage


Annlyn ♥ Dorayaki

We were under Mr.Ong for the BookFest, an Executive Manager of MCL, i think. =p

This was the first time that we really worked together since we had not much chance to coorperate during PC Fair(s).

Definitely, He is a good boss for us. He just like the baby-sitter for us. He bought breads for us since he knows that we might not going out for lunch and dinner once crowded customers were there. He was so Sweet~

Kenny, the second boss for us. A young man who aged 22 years old. The man who look like matured and serious but he is not. He could be crazy and '38' sometimes with us. We gave him a nickname- Kenny Gege~ Please focus on the tone, must be 'hiao' enough to make him SHY!

They incharged us for weekend and visited us only at evening during weekdays, so we had to opened the booth by ourselves during weekdays. Normally the job had been done by Jason since me and Ms.Annlyn always been late to there. =p

So, what we did in these nine days?


yawning ♥


Taking photo at the Toilet

*Guess Guess which one is mine*

no eye see.jpg



Shopping?! I get it with RM15 each! Cute, right?


The roof of the 'house' can be opened and so for my Little Red Cow and Lao Tan

*their new home* ♥ 


Lastly, Dreaming..

*Mr.Jess is always the first in her dreaming list*


Do you know what's the face of sick? Tadda~



Her ♥

i was sick.jpg

Me ♥

We falled sick together due to the lacking of sleep and the super duper low in-door-temperature. Fever, Sore Throat and Flu came to us badly. So, we took turn to sit inside to open bill. (Two must be outside to take care the mouse and GPS) To fight with it for many days afterward, we prepared well. Besides Penadol, Sweet for sore throat, 1OO Plus, and Jacket, we still had a SECRET WEAPON


toilet paper roll.jpg

Sickness made my face rounder and my eyes smaller *swt*

I still felt warm when I was sick. Mr.Ong and Kenny GeGe were so kind that kept asking me to back home when there was only 5pm, what they said touched me a lot: We're here so You just go back home any time, don't worry. In the end, I didn't back home. I got the power from both of my baby-sitters and the 'Sweet Penadol' from Annlyn which she walked far to KLCC from convention hall just to buy it for me. Oh guys, You all so sweet!

Master Ho also purposely came to visit me and brought me for dinner when I was sick..  

*he was sweet, too*


Sakae Sushi ♥

During the Popular BookFest, we knew many new friends, as usual, Ms.Annlyn was the one to talk with them at first, and I was the one who they thought Lansi *emm....*. The new gang were funny and lame, so that I won't be too bored within nine days. And also, they helped me a lot especially during last day to keep and pack back the stocks. Appreciate it so much!

The New Gang

Annlyn and Weng.jpg

Annlyn and ah Weng (a little shy boy) ♥

me and Michael.jpg

Michael and Me (a super duper active guy) ♥

Annlyn and KC.jpg

KC and Annlyn (our Tarc Senior too)

Hou gor.jpg

Hou gor (the helper for us at the last three days), me, Michael ♥

The Sensonic Gang

me and Mr Ong.jpg

Mr.Ong, our boss a.k.a baby-sitter ♥

Me and Kenny.jpg

 Kenng GeGe ♥ (Annlyn said we look alike, are we?)


and for sure,

The Babe Gang

always the sweetest 

Picnik collage1.jpg

Picnik collage.jpg 

Jolin Tsai.jpg



Shen Mu Yu Tong.jpg


We took a lot of pixes with Jolin Tsai, Eason Chan, Justin, L.Gaga, Shakira, 'Shen Mu Yu Tong' and S.H.E. Jealous?! *cough*


What Sensonic sells actually? A lot of PC accesories can be found here, such as mouse, speaker, keyboard, webcam, earphone, headphone and GPS also. It is the brand from Finland, just imported to Malaysia for Three Years. Having trended design for the products besides 1 Year warranty for all.





Finally, the days came to the end. We kept the stocks earlier than the others and so, we kena saman by the event organizer...?! LOL

BookFest is totally different with PC Fair, We can't shout loudly as we did at PC Fair to attract customers; We can't hang up the promotion banner as PC Fair to show to the customers; We can't keep the stock and clear the booth earlier than the closing time as we normally did at PC Fair.. Okay, maybe bookFest need higher educated culture, those 'Pasar actions' should be stopped.. =p

By the Way, getting lots of warnings from the event organizers never spoil our mood to take photo at the last. I love the pixes so so much, I can feel the happiness and love once I see them, can you feel it? 


sometimes, We did hard-working also XD


Say Yeah! Thanks to Hou Gor and Michael, appreciate it. ♥


Are we going to picnic? ♥

Sometimes, simply shoot may bring you surprise...




Waiting the flight at airport?


Sensonic ♥ Huat ar~~

yeah yeah.jpg

Thanks to FunFun and LingLing to help us a lot, Love you! ♥


We're family ♥

*spot Hou Gor, please =p*

five of us.jpg

This called Forever L.O.V.E


Thanks for staying here and reading my long long post patiently.






-Next: Genting Trip-




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The very short post for my first activity during my holiday/sem break will be. Do enjoy! ^^

The day of the last exam paper is the first day of my holiday, sounds good!

Without wasting the time, my gang straight away drove to Ms.Louise's house after exam to visit her. There was a very long time that we didn't meet after her wedding dinner. Miss her so so much!

Due to the big gang (not really big actually), we seperated into two cars: Ms.LingLing & Ms.Gigi *the sweet-est pair*

LingLing driving.jpg

Lovely LingLing driving her bigbig Car ♥


On the way.jpg

Mushroom me sitting in the bigbig Car ><


I forgot to take the Gigi's car gang but I would like to say that, Ms.Gigi is fast driver! OMG~ We couldn't really catch her on the busy road. Handphone is always our best friend. It helped us a lot to follow Gigi to reach Louise's house finally. She is the only one who knew the way to our destination. SWT.

Louise waited us to come until she had not bath since woke up! *Touched ><*

Funfun joined us after that. I was so happy for that! Again, we met and chit-chat in a big gang. I miss the time...

What we did at Louise's house?

Activity 1:  Taking photo




Okay, They said I look alike with this mushroom *faint*


Activity 2:  Watching TV

We're lame, I know. We just couldn't control ourselves from the attraction of HK movie-- Can't Buy Me Love (a.k.a 公主嫁到), especially for us who was under stress from exam at least one month, we were SAVED!!! So...


watching TV .jpg


Can you spot me? I was sleeping but not watching actually because I felt sick and I was so TIRED! Exam is really cruel to kill people slowly...


Activity 3: Hair-Do

As your information, our sweetie Gigi is Pro in Hair-Do, known as 髮型達人 among us. Just give her less than 10 mins, she can create the DIY hair style for you. Don't believe it? Let me prove it to you!


Annlyn's ♥


LingLing's ♥



Louise's ♥

Gigi took around 7 mins to finish each hair style, under the situation of lacking hair band and hairpin. It's quite professional for me. Actually she did one for me on my fridge, but I feel shy to upload it. I really look Noob and funny with it since I don't have long hair. Long hair is always the most suitable to do nice hair style. So, those girls with long hair, don't waste your talent to make yourself look better and special!


Appreciate to the dinner by Louise's mother-in-law. There was a nice meal for us! The dishes made us..Yummy Yummy~

Went back to home around 7.30pm, without tear but with a big warm hug. Don't know when can we meet up again when Annlyn would go back to her hometown soon and never come back to KL anymore. Anyway, I really Love you all. I feel free and warm when being together with you, You just like my family and my elder sisters to protect me and care me all the time.

Wish to meet you A.S.A.P ya!





-Next: Popular Book Fest-

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I left here since my holiday started; the holiday already end and so, I'm Back!! 

Many posts will be updated ASAP to update about my 'Lovely Holiday'.

So, please look forward for it!



The Holidays~








-To Be Continue-

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cny.jpg cny2.jpg cny3.jpg
























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