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Gonna show you some horror pixes which even myself can't really accept it. They were the photo taken when I was small. Mostly with cousins and sis, so, you have to fully use your imagination to guess which one is mine. Are you ready? Start!

lizardo yvett liko.jpg

lizardo yvett.jpg





-I'm the black girl with small eyes and coconut head-

Getting these classic photo from cousins who tagged us at Facebook, once again, Facebook is really a useful communication network. Recalled lots of memories that we had between cousins, we love each other so much, and we're closed to each other, until now. Most of the children already grow up to be adults and the very minority already going to step to secondary schooling period.

Have to admit that, I'm old. Officially being adult very soon, 21st years old, I'm coming!

Too bad that I can't really show you the photoes when I was secondary school, they might shocked you till the max and shout out:"OMG! Whose maid of this?" I didn't have any saving of it, I always force myself to forget about the ugly things.

0.jpg2.jpg 4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg


-The changes within three years, from black hair to brown-

Am I look different compared with small time? Some primary school and secondary school friends can't really recognize me even on web or meet in real, they said I have a big different with the time when they knew me. Actually, I'm not. Without make up, I still look the same with last time.

I don't really expert in making up, I'm still trying to make myself pretty in natural way. Yeay, make-up can be natural too. Imma trying and trying. Absorb different make up skill online to assort the occasions.

Not afford to teach by myself, but would like to share you two links which thought useful for ME. Hope that they're useful for you too. Hope you like it. :)


1. Queenie陈莉敏的平民皇后美丽分享 click me  

Guideline from Queenie Chan mostly heading to natural and HK & Korean style, besides make up, she shares cooking recipes, keep fit and skin care exxperiences too.


2. FG美人教室 click me

If you prefer Japanese style, you may visit to FG beauty, some Taiwan professional makeup artists would like to teach you in their professinonal way and well, their makeup might be too heavy for Malaysian, so you may bypass some so that you've more natural look.


That's all for the link which really useful, will find out more and share to you. Remember, Spread The Beauty 

Having holiday at small town now, staying away from the city, feel fresh! My skin is feeling good too.

Will come back after the holiday, see ya!



Photobucket click me

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Come back here again after working at PC EXPO for three days. Apologize for the post delayed.


Went to saloon on last Wednesday, I was not the one who cut hair but is my little FunFun. She would like to cut a totally fresh and new hair style since she maintained the same hair style for almost two years.

At first, she wanted to cut at Wangsa Maju(my living area) after having lunch together but Master Ho had to go job-interview at Genting Klang(my ex-living area, Yea, I moved house for three times within two years) so we decided to have our meal and cutting hair at GentingKlang.

Before heading to GK, Master Ho asked FunFun to drive. I was like 'Huh?! Sure?'

Okay, Wish that we could reach there safely. *praying*

funfun driving.jpg  

She was so concentrate ♥

I sat at the back, honestly, I was a bit worried because it's not easy to make a U-turn at GK since there are a lot of high speed car. Their right legs like uncontrolable to step the accelerator to the Max.

To all the lovely drivers, please stop to speed up you car, it's super dangerous. It harms your life to the high danger and also the others. Think about your family and yourself when driving.

And the most important, all the passengers have to seat your safety belt even it's only a short distance. We never expect when the accident comes to us.


Am' a responsible passenger ♥ How about you?


Outfit of the Day *Casual*

Reach GK safely and FunFun succeed to parking as her first time to do parking, clap clap for her! I even don't dare to park till now. Master Ho taught and trained me but I'm stupid in driving. I'm failed. :'(



Today's Rider ♥

After the meal, Master Ho interviewed and FunFun cut her hair. PSP is my best friend at the time! Get a new game-- Bleach by Master Ho and I was addicted in it!  

Going to CC after that as what Master Ho wished. Dota is the guy's choice, how about girls?


L4D2!!!! ♥

The time came to late and it's time to back home. It's a simple day although we only hanging around at our area, but I was happy, too. It's a long time since last meet with FunFun. But it's a bit sad that LingLing, Annlyn and Louise were not around. All of us are no longer study anymore and most already go back to their hometown to start a new life. So, it's really hard to make five of us gather together again. 

Moi and fun .jpg

So, I catched up every time to take photo once meet with my babes. Still, I know our hearts still link between each other, we never been broken. Just like with Secondary School babes, my love for them never been less, although it's really a long time that we lost contact.

It's fate, I feel glad to know 3 Secondary School babes and 4 Campus Darlings. I never feel lonely when you're being with me.  

I love you.


Lastly, it's a MUST to show you the short hair Funfun!! Cute right?

in short hair .jpg







-=Next:Moving to a new Room & Gather with Darlings=-

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I kept worry and upset after cutting my Mushroom Head *actually it's more like Ah Wong*

I even don't dare to go college with this head, I was forced to go college yesterday. What I got from friends are mostly good comments, it really make me HAPPY! although I don't know whether they told me lie, I appreciated it very much. Comments from them make me get back my confidence.

Friends, really LOVE you all so much!

However, I still wish my hair can grow faster as what Master Ho wanted. He wishes me can keep long hair until tie it up. He said I looks cute in tied hair?! Many said that I'm no longer cute style but looks COOL! Erm.. Is't Cool suit me?

I take a big brave to upload my Ah Wong head to facebook. It's surprise that I get +ve feedback from all! Now, the only thing that I need to worry is comment from Mummy. She always prefer Me come out with long hair rather than short hair, especially Anti-Boylish! Sorry, mum, please don't blame me and scold when you see your "son"..

Next thing, Mdm.Tan's wedding dinner is coming next Sunday, so, How can I wear dress? It's crashed, I think. Ms.GiGi just keep saying that It'll be Cool! ya, Cool again. =,,=''

The last thing, How I attend my convocation of Diploma in Public Relations? Imagine that I wear the graduation hat with Ah Wong head.. Erm.. Sounds funny right?

Nevermind, I feel that I cab be the special one in both "big Day"! I always like to be the special! ya~

Plus, I found that my hair get long faster within these few days. Maybe just like what Ms.GiGi said, I can feel my hair grow faster in very short hair! ya, Gigi, you're right!


*those who want to have a look on my Ah wong head, plz kindly visit my fb to get more ya! LOVE you all!*

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Finally, I cut my hair with my beloved Ling Ling, Ms.Yeunis and Ling Ling no.2. I cut my hair at wangsa maju, the hair studio which I planned to go since long time ago. *I forget the name of shop again ><*

We reached the hair studio around 4pm, and We planned to have dinner together after cutting hair. So, We should stay there at least 3 Hours!!?? can we?

I admit that I'm a trouble customer since I have no idea on what I wan to cut but just follow the hair stylist. As usual, I'm the same at this time.

When the hair stylist asked me,

"Okie, how do you want to cut the hair? Any basic idea in your mind?",

" No woh..",

"Then do you want to keep it long or change a look and cut it short?"

"erm.. I wish to keep it long actually, so don't be too short. But I don't wish to cut it into too simple",


Ya, I know i was really trouble, If I'm the hair stylist, I'll kill the customer by scissors.

In the end, I make decision to cut it short after 20mins consideration. At first, It was still quite ok for me, the shortness was still acceptable. But then he said:

"Do u mind to let me cut it become shorter? It will be nicer",


I came out with no word and another consideration period was coming,

again.. I had being persuaded to cut SHORTER!!! *how come I could be so brave?*

Can you imagine how nervous was I when he was keep cutting my hair non-stop?!

We (me and the stylist) took effort for almost one and half hours to make my hair like this:



Please call me Ms. Mushroom Hair!

I looks NOOB, right?


Actually I'm a bit regret for it because it's hard to suit the wear with this NOOB hair..

but there were some good comments from Ling Ling, Ms.Yeunis and Ling Ling no.2. I don't know whether they were saying true or not, but I hope my hair can grow faster. If not, how can I attend Mdm. Tan's wedding dinner by next week??!!!



*please kindly leave some comments on my new hair style ya, accepct -ve comments too, just wan the TRUTH!*

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dyed hair.jpg








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