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Oops, hope that my just-wake-up-photo won't scare you. My dark circles come out like hell and make me look older. I aim to be mature; but not old, ok!

It's a long time since last post again. I'm so sorry. My recent days are just so bored, no, is too bored. That's why I have no more point to blog about. It sounds sad :(

Since Master Ho starts to work, I stay at home all the time, as normally called 宅女. Not only one who say that but more and more people around me call me that. It's no wrong to be 宅女, right? At least not much financial spending will do. It sounds like an excuse ;p

What I do during at home?



-Online and, Online.

FaceBook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, Youtube, and blogging.. non-stop. Click them and spot me =)

I even sitting in front of my lappie without purpose. Searching web by web with nothing.

The only out-going entertainment is CyberCafe.


Left4Dead2 in the house

'Am a terrible killer, in computer world. In fact, I'm a coward. That's why I love internet world so much, we would build our own charateristics and even our dream world. I'm a dreamer, think about unrealistic dream.

I love to stay home rather than going out, unless familiar people are being with me. Strange makes me uncomfortable and uneasy. The people who not really know me will tought that I'm proud, arrogant and even so called LC. I do mind it actually, I do mind what people' view on me, just because I care it too much, I pretend myself to be not care. Scared people looking at me so I prefer staying home, even alone.

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Communication is not my strength, it's a problem of myself since I was small. When facing friends and family, I would be as cheerful as I can; When facing strangers, I could keep quiet as long as I can. Extremely different characters that I have. I won't be the first to say "Hi" at Whenever, Wherever and Whatever situation with Whoever. You're just LC! Honestly, I'm not. I admit as a coward, but definitely, not a LC people. I tried to be active side, but failed.


I'm not independent and might not survived during single. Single here means when I'm alone. Growing up under fully protection and caring of family, bf and friends cause me don't ever try to be alone. I rely others more, so I'm not typical Capricorn. Dependant, low perseverance, no life plan and irrational are my style, not Capricorn. I might cry if you throw me on a strange road. again, I'm coward.

Being vagrant for almost 2 months, useless might be the tag for myself and I admit it. Affraid stop me from steping out. I never work before unless those PC Fair. The world is realistic but my mind is simple till STUPID. I affraid the world outside. I want protection from Daddy, caring from Mummy, sharing from Lil Sis, stand-by from Master Ho.

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ok, Wake Up!

You're not a child anymore.

You're not a student anymore.

So, you have to be a worker/office lady/PR.


Friends, any work suggested to me that you think that it suits me?

















PS: Do drop me comment at comments and chatbox to give opinion about my bloggie. I need it to make improvement!! Your viewing and comments are appreciated. Have a nice day all! ;)

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  • LitterRic3
  • gambade simsim!!
    v muz b grow up and mature start from now!!
  • Agree!

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