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Accompanied FunFun to college to deal with her stuff. This was her very first time to drive alone and drive for a long distance from her place. It takes 3O mins to reach me here. Quite a long distance for a beginner. At least, I don't dare to do so. I even don't dare to drive only a 5 mins distance. Shame of me

Spending almost 2 hours to settle all the things. But it's not really being settled also.


She is being mature, ya?


When is my turn to have mature outlook?


Funfun's kitty laptop protector ♥

Chilled at Popeye after that. Nothing special but I did help Funfun to edit her bloggie. The time was too rush for me to do better. Wish that we get the chance next time so that I can edit to be better for you ya.

Reached home safety after Popeye.

Funfun kept asking me to tell Master Ho that she can drive well too since Master Ho mentioned that me and Funfun look more suit to take bus rather than driving and having our own cars.

Funfun, you did well as a beginner. Thumbs up for you!

thumb up.jpg

Especially to Funfun ♥

Actually, Lots of memories come out in my mind once I step into the college, Funfun did it too. We recalled the time during diploma, that was a good time for me.

the road.jpg

Our relationship was not that deep at the first year of diploma, we were just like classmatesrather than friends. I kept quiet all the time in the class unless chatting with funfun and lingling. I thought Funfun and Lingling would be the last best friends of me in my camous life.

Somethings happened so that five of us (Simsim, Funfun, LingLing, Louise and Annlyn) sticked all the time. We found our truly friendship at the second year, before that, I was afraid Louise and Annlyn because they like the HOT students in our course, I thought that they were not willing to friend with me.

Picnik collage 2.jpg

After getting closer, we sticked all the time besides classes

We chiat chat all the time at every where. We almost did every assignment in the same group, as requires, 5-6 people in a group ;p We even stayed over night together just to complete the assignment. Actually, we played more than work.

We chilled at Annlyn's hostel room after and before classes. I was afraid to be checked by the guard then Annlyn and Louise would be the elder sisters to calm me down and 'protect' me all the time. Honestly, having them made me feel calm and more brave in doing many things, especially presentation.

Picnik collage 1.jpg

Steven is the one that wait us to finish class, even how tired was him. He slept in the car and was being woke up by our noise, always. He complained that our voices ‘bouncing' here and there in the car. but we still keep noisy after keeping quiet for awhile, around 5 mins. ;p

Mcdonald is our choice to have meal after class. Louise mixed both tomato and chili sauces, Lingling loves to eat Chili sauce so much and tomato sauce is te only choice for Annlyn. Funfun dropped both McChicken and Sundae at the same day and made us LMAO for whole week.

Our relation seems like lasting forever as what we planned to fly oversea to UK at advanced diploma.

Picnik collage.jpg

Dream is always the most beautiful and perfect. Our dream is still a dream. Fate can't fulfill our common dream, we were being seperated. I blamed and I felt disappointed without reason. I can't accept parting, especially with the people that I love. They are not belong to my friends yet sisters for me. Can you accept your sisters leave you one by one? By the way, I accepted it after thinking wisely. We're still BY5 (the name especially for us by Annlyn) and we're still sisters no matter where we are.

Till now, I still cry when missing them.

Picnik collage 3.jpg

I hope we still can stick together everyday like before. But, we can't. Annlyn and LingLing go back to their hometown. We even hard to meet and chat online at the same time. 

However, I know we miss each other all the time and we care each other as before. Our relationship never been changed till now. I hope it can be forever.

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  • ^Ling Ling^
  • sim sim, our friendship sure can last forever de~
    believe me...
    i not bek hometown la...i still got back KL de ma~
  • Yea, our friendship will be forever. But you're not here always, for me, it already consider as staying back hometown.. ;p

    Yvette 於 2010/11/23 22:57 回覆

  • LitterRic3
  • ling ling.. u say u will stayed kl but most of the time also at melacca there wor==
    anyway.. damn like the pic that u edited!!
    put them together really make me revise the time that v always stick together ...
    btw, all was fun and happy memories.. i wont cry after reading ur blog, dun scared.. haha~
  • Still got many photo actually but most of them are not in my laptop but my hp. so only a small amount after selecting to have a better arrangement. I hope all of you won't cry during/after reading this but feel glad that we had the common memories!

    Yvette 於 2010/11/23 23:48 回覆

  • LitterRic3
  • sure~
    i believe that is the most sweet memories that in our college life between us!
  • ;)

    Yvette 於 2010/11/23 23:58 回覆