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Finally the pure girls gathering was here! Look back to the past, Master Ho or Steven will be one of the gang during the gathering, so there was never being all female gather for us. This was the first time and ya, the first time to sing-k of only three of us. Louise, Funfun and simsim. ;)

Funfun was excited to be our driver of the day. She attempted to hide her dad the truth and drive alone to fetch both of Louise and me. Parking the car at Titiwangsa and took the train to Imbi was our final decision since I'm not sure the driving way to go there although I went through it for thousands times.

Redbox was the choice due to the time was exactly for us to meet LingLing later. This was the first time for Louise and me to be here. Not much surprise that I can get here but the dishes there is not bad and snack buffet is available. I just in love with the salad sauce!


Pasta for Funfun ♥

Satay sauce Friend Chicken Rice.jpg

Satey Sauce Fried Chicken Rice for me ♥

Vege Friend Chicken Wings.jpg

Vegetarian Fried Chicken Wings for Louise ♥

snack buffet .jpg

Snack Buffet : Fruits Snack and Yumyum salad! ♥

We sang, ate, and took photo for 3 hours, non-stop! Funfun was the winner of rap of the day, Yoyo! Rapper! Louise was the winner of Gourmet, keep eating the most ;p I was the loser of English songs! I'm suck in Eng songs, idk why. :(

And we found a corner to have a nice background for us to take pic and so we kept taking non-stop. But my babe SE hp camera is not good enough, can't catch a good pic under in night mode. So, aim to get a digital camera soon.

cute louise.jpg

I think she didn't sing-k for long time ;p

Greedy Funfun.jpg

I think she was really hungry ;p

The corner that we found:

Funfun, taken by simsim .jpg

Funfun ♥

Louise, credit by Simsim .jpg

Louise ♥

Credit by Funfun.jpg

Me, the only pink lady of the day ♥

Louise & Funfun .jpg

The black and white girls ♥

Louise & Simsim .jpg

Am I looks like transgender here? ><

Simsim & Louise.jpg

Finally get my normal look after thousands tries.  

Funfun's capturing skill should be improved huh ;p

Before going back to Setapak area to meet with our lovely Lingling, we went to toilet and photo session starts again! Many guys would wonder why most of the girls like to capture in the toilet, Does it the photo will come out nicer under the smelly situation? The photo captured in the toilet is nicer, but not due to the smell. The yellowish light it toilet makes us look prettier and the mirror in the toilet is big enough for us to self-capture the out-fit of the day.

Louise & Funfun & Simsim .jpg

Oops, the mirror spoil the pic ><


Likey it, without reason ♥

Smsim & Funfun & Louise .jpg

Moi, Funfun and Louise ♥

Louise & Funfun, toilet .jpg

My darlings: Louise & Funfun ♥

Yvett Sim .jpg

I'm Yvett Sim ♥ ;p

Met up with LingLing at Oldtown after that. Finally she got the chance to come back KL again. Uncle Tan and Aunty, let Lingling stays at KL more, we will take care of her and protect her all the time, so don't worry, okay? ;p We do miss her a lot and she miss us too!

Lingling .jpg

LingLing turns t be SHY when make-up free ;p

The pretty wife ;).jpg

Lovely Louise, We miss you so much! ♥

Funfun, OldTown.jpg

Cute Funfun, she was proud to fetch us safe. ♥

Somethings happened and made me EMO again. All the thing is fine now. I just need more caring and understand from you. Can you? You willing to do it for me, I know.



I feel your heart.










PS: I would like to get a camera for myself. Not DSLR but semi PRO is welcome. Any suggestion? Feel free to drop comment ;)



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  • LitterRic3
  • cheer up gal!!
    and where my capture skill not gud ya??
  • really not that good woh. Keep blur and dark.. ;p

    Yvette 於 2010/12/01 23:04 回覆