Working hard in watching video about make-up lesson these few days.

Make-up is just like an art, make something pretty to be prettier (all of us are pretty in natural look, right?)

I love to make up, even going to college, I don't feel like want to show my pale face infront of people, unless you're my very closed friends.

Who don't wish to be prettier? At least, I wish badly.

So, would like to learn new make-up start from now. Do you believe, make-up can change you into different LOOK.

Cute, Sweet, Cheerful, Sexy and Matured.

You can be what you want to be with make-up tools and also, make up skill.

I'm learning, I'm improving, I'm wishing.

Improve make up skill is in my Year 2O11 wish-list.

I hope it can be succeed.

Wish me luck!


Failed Make-up: Lerning in the progress...

Would like to share you some useful link of make up lesson, and show you my terrible past (ugly photo) in next post.

Stay Tuned!

Spread Pretty Around. =)




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