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Say Hi to the witch!

Witch, a terrible woman for me. I met two witches before, for sure, not in the real world but in the animation world. I think, they are the most famous witches for people.

Met the first one when I was small, around 5,6 years old. The witch in 'Snow White', who always holding a basket of apples. She is ulgy, crafty and annoying. She would like to trick Snow White Princess to eat the poisonous apple so that she will be the prettiest woman if the princess dying. However, she would be the most ugly woman in the world since she has the ugly heart. *Shameful*


Crafty Witch

Met the second witch few years ago, in a shooting game, Left4Dead. Do you remember the crazy woman who infected with a torn-at-the-stomach shirt along with white underwear, with long, sharp claws for fingers. The Witch makes loud and eerie noises in the game. She is not crafty yet fierce enough. Heard the story behind her, she was raped before dying to be Zombie. She is fulled of hates and complaint.


Fierce Witch

Summarize all, I scare WITCH!

Either the tricky or the crazy one, I scare them so much due to their ugly heart. They aim to hurt/harm people based on their desires. They might have the pretty good appearance, however, they have the ugly heart so they slowly form the disgusting outlook at last. Witches lose their minds by the covering of their desires. They don't really know what they're doing, but only what they want. So, I would like to describe some bad heart women with WITCH. :)

Want me to get closed or even friend with Witch? No way! I scare them, I scare their disgusting outlook, I scare their tricks, I scare their complaints, I scare their bad hearts. so, please beware of the Witch.


Witch says Hug Hug to you!♥

Want to get rid of the witch?

You must take the adventure with the team of 'Season of The Witch'. The coming supernatural thriller starred by Nicolas Cage. It will be in cinema on 6 January. Faster get yourself a ticket on that day, don't miss it!

Season of the witch


Don't wait, just pass the witch season with the real Hero! You might find the way to avoid of the witch, you would not know, when will she knock your door.







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  • LitterRic3
  • wa~
    so free u can write the introduction for the movie ==
  • Coz I want to win the tickets mah. But I know I can't get it one la, just play play only :P

    Yvette 於 2011/01/01 00:36 回覆