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Aloha! Sorry that I stop blogging for many days, I was busy in working and finally can squeeze some time now. Some more, there was not much activity besides working and resting time!


Recent me, light make up will do


Just simply share some hapiness that I get recently.

Tadaaa!!!! Get Royce Chocolate from Master Ho as encouragement during my down period. Was facing stress and problem in working, felt disappointed. Getting okay now, and learning many new things now, I'll go to the top, and I should go to the top!


Royce, from KLCC


YumYum. Imma coming!


Love their packaging :)


Alcohol contained might taste better?


Just a small piece, can make you feel Hapiness!!

Another happiness had been found during my double eyes lid is borned! Trying for hundred times, I get the result. So, need stock double eyes lid tapes very often start from now! Luckily, found that SaSa is now available at Jusco Alpha Angle, means that I don't need to hunt it at times square or KLCC! Let's see my result! Before this, I would to say that I'm the one with super typical single eyes lid, plus, swollen eyes in every moment. So, I've proud of my work. SMILE :)


I've double Eye Lid!


Does the result good enough?

Gonna attend Jay Chou's concert this weekend, excited for it now!

Have a 3-days-2-nights short holiday at Asian Water Sports Village at Puchong at next week too. Felling good to close with nature!

Will update more about both!

See ya!

Have a nice day




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  • 3bowlric3
  • i want eat also~
  • Come to visit me, then I treat you eat! Still got some! Super yummy!!

    Yvette 於 2011/03/04 00:25 回覆